Celebrating Kamen Rider's 999th To 1,000th Episode

With Zyuohger's upcoming 2,000th episode, I'd like to give a review on Kamen Rider OOO's 999th to 1,000th episode. Both of these episodes were written by Shoji "Patrick Star" Yonemura. While I did enjoy Kabuto but let's just say, Yonemura's gotten worse as time passed by.

The 999th episode had Kougami plan in making a "reboot" of Kamen Rider OOO. It has a throwback to Kamen Rider 1 (which I am yet to see). It has Eiji cast as Takeshi Hongo. I do find this funny considering that Kamen Rider 1 is that old school. In terms of Showa Riders the only ones I've seen from start to end are Kamen Rider Amazon, Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX. I've seen most Heisei era Kamen Riders so I can't comment too much on the Showa era. 

While the movie is being planned, one Shocker soldier (who now works for Kougami Foundation) tries to have his revenge. This triggered the Greeed and a Shocker monster looking like monster is born from that desire. This time it's a Jaguar/Squid hybrid as opposed to the original Jaguar/Sea Anemone Hybrid way back in the 70s. As a result, this new monster hates the sight of squid dishes.

I'll admit that the actual battle in the show isn't all that well done. I couldn't really expect much from Yonemura himself. But it was a nice tribute to celebrate Kamen Rider's 1,000th episode even if it isn't much. Fortunately, it's not a real disaster compared to what happened with the first Super Hero Taisen movie. 


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