Kamen Rider EX-AID's Taking Over My Mind!

Is it me or am I showing my guilty pleasure of extreme favoritisim? So it's just been eight episodes of Kamen Rider EX-AID and I think my mind is already getting taken over by this show. I may have never been a fan of medical shows but I enjoyed the Taiwanese drama "The Hospital"... I didn't expect myself to get EX-Cited for the next EX-AID episode. So what's with the plots? It's not going to be easy as the Bugsters and the whole Rider Game may have something bigger involved. Sure it has cartoony designs but that's just the package.

So what's up with Taiga Hanaya beign an ex-doctor and what's the whole story why he got fired? I think there's going to be something either predictable as malpractice or unpredictable as a frame-up. I don't know. the show should still be allowed to do its moderate pacing. Why is he after all the Gashats and what will happen to the winner of this game? How many more Kamen Riders will appear? Emu Hojo and Hiiro Kagami are both having conflicting values. I feel like I want to side with Hiiro for now. 

Will Kuroto Dan just be another treacherous worm or does he have his own reasons to why he became Kamen Rider Gemn? I started to feel bad for Kiriya Kujo when he started to reveal his inability to save a friend. Kagami wasn't able to save his girlfriend but chooses to still continue on. On the other hand, it seems Kujo is a representation of someone stuck in the past. Is Dan someone who is having some ulterior motive in acting the way he does? 

Will this show improve what Kamen Rider Gaim left behind or will it do good but not as good? Only time will tell but right now it's taking over my mind like Gaim did to me last 2014. I'm just expecting the arrival of more evil Kamen Riders. 


  1. Don't resist it! Let it take over you like a Bugster! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:3


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