My Early Impressions Of Kamen Rider Build's Main Cast Of Characters

After updating my celebrities blog, I thought I'd give this blog another entry. I know it's been quite vacant for some time but I'll give another reaction. It's no secret that I prefer new school Kamen Rider over the Showa era so I can say I'm excited for what Kamen Rider Build will bring. I'll put the descriptions from Tokusatsu News Network in italics while I present my views on the main cast of characters.

Atsuhiko Inukai as Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build the main protagonist

The protagonist, a genius physicist with phenomenal mental and physical abilities. Sento is taken in by the owner of the café “nascita” after collapsing in front of him and losing his memories. He now lives in a secret base within the café’s basement. He transforms into Kamen Rider Build using the Build Driver and Full Bottles to protect the people of Touto but neither the government nor the police know Build’s identity. On recommendation of nascita’s owner, Build joins the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics to solve the mystery of Pandora’s Box.

So we have a doctor for a Kamen Rider for EX-AID and now we're having a genius physicist? I thought that breaking the mold every now and then helps. I mean, since when did we have a genius Kamen Rider? Most of the time the Kamen Riders weren't geniuses. Instead, many of them were backed up by geniuses who helped them become different people. A Kamen Rider who's scientifically inclined could introduce new ways of introducing the Bandai merchandise.

Eiji Akaso as Ryuga Banjo

A former fighter who uses his sharpness and gut feelings to avoid losing. He was banned from fighting for match fixing and then arrested on suspicion of killing an Advanced Matter Physics member but escapes from prison. He can sense the Smash, which gives him the ability to throw off even Build, who from now on he will share a destiny with.

So will this guy become a secondary Kamen Rider to sell more toys? I think his introductory plot shows taht he's probably some kind of rebel. I wonder how this will develop the conflict.

Kaho Takada as Misora Isugi

Daughter of Soichi Isurugi and the heroine of the show. She became withdrawn and secludes herself within Nascita’s basement. She has a foul mouth but is a good girl at heart. She can purify ingredients that Build is able to harvest from the Smash.

I think that she might be the leading lady. Is she an anti-heroine? I hope the show can explain why she has her attitude problem. I think her ability to purify ingredients from the Smash is a useful ability.

Yuki Ochi as Utsumi Shigeaki

Assistant to Gentoku Himura, aide to Toto’s Prime Minister. He leads the research into Pandora’s Box at the institute and keeps a harsh eye on Sento’s activities.

I do have the impression he may be the person who might be the one to talk sense into the main protagonist Sento. How he will play in his research is yet to be seen.

Yukari Taki as Saki Takigawa

Freelance journalist. She was attacked by the Smash during an investigation into Pandora’s Box and Kamen Rider Build. Saki discovers build’s identity and befriends him, working to provide him information. Although she’s a beauty, she has a determined spirit.

Is it me or does Toei have the tendency to put journalist characters? I remembered Metalder having a journalist sidekick in Mai Oogi. Will she play the same role as Mai Oogi did in Metalder or will she be a Reiko Shiratori in some way? I expect her to play a smaller role. Hmmmm I wonder why didn't Koichi Sakamoto put her in an R-18 role after Ultraman Ginga?

Kensei Mikami as Gentoku Himoru

Aide to Toto’s Prime Minister and the head of the Advanced Matter Physics. A man with a great mind, pride, and ambition. He appoints Sento to the Pandora’s Box study based on the results of a test. He also leads Touto’s Special Forces and is chasing after Ryuga.

So I'm wondering how will he play as Toto's Prime Minister?

Yasuyuki Maekawa as Souichi Isurugi

The owner of café nascita and Misora’s father. He helped Sento after losing his memory. He supports Sento’s battles as Build and watches over his success with glee.

I wonder is he going to play as the regular friend that Metal Heroes and Kamen Riders have when they're not fighting?


What are your early thoughts?


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