Kamen Rider EX-AID's Conflict Is Getting More Serious Than I Thought

After the temporary death of Dan Kuroto, it was fun to see Parad troll everyone around with his sadistic personality. Although it didn't look like Dan would come back but the new level of conflict is that Parad himself is actually the Bugster that possessed Hojo Emu to start with. Hojo's role as a host for Parad is pretty interesting. Even during Dan's "death" we see flashblacks that show how Kuroto got separated from his host.

The danger level hasn't only increased not because Parad the troll is now free to do what he wants but also Dan the Mad Man is no longer human. That's right... Dan is back to do his Killer Bored Gemn. I'm glad he's back and I would say that if Mikoto Nakadai is my favorite Abaranger villain (and somehow, half of me is mad at Shou Aikawa and Atsushi Maekawa, also I wish Dragon Ranger and not Abare Killer was with Yellow Four 1 and Time Fire to pick the deceased Akibarangers instead) and he's my favorite villain in Kamen Rider. But right now he could just be easily contained but he could find a way around that weakness. Somehow, I miss having villains as cruel as him even if I still enjoy lighter and softer Kamen Rider. His first act of returning is to get even with Parad for betrayal.

Dan's actions almost remind me of Takeshi Asakura in Kamen Rider Ryuki. I always thought that while Shadow Moon was a pretty good concept but Kamen Rider Ouja is the better evil Kamen Rider. Ouja's evil at his own free will and does evil at his own free will. Ouja's what I always called as Bilgenia with the King Stone. Takeshi was able to wreck havoc in the world of Ryuki as Ouja. It was nice to finally have someone that sick of an evil Kamen Rider. I didn't find most evil Kamen Riders after Ouja to be all that interesting. Dan the Mad Man is filling in that gap and I hope he will die as painful as possible in the finale arc. 

On the other hand, I thought the writers could've made Parad force Dan the Mad Man to bow down to him instead. I mean, it could have been boring to kill off Dan the Mad Man and have a few episodes without him. It could have been very interesting if Parad used physical force on Dan forcing the latter to scream "PAAAAARRRAAADDD SAMA!". Then Dan would start to manipulate Poppy into getting the Level Zero Gashat which may allow Dan to get even with Parad. But still, I'm glad that Dan the Mad Man is back and he's probably more insane than ever. Hopefully, the level of conflict will increase to make a satisfying Kamen Rider season. 


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