Game Start: Parad Finally Starts The Kamen Rider Chronicle Plan

It looks like Parad's takeover isn't going to be disappointing. Kuroto Dan isn't forgotten and fallen like what happened to Bilgenia shortly after Shadow Moon's revival. Kuroto is still mentioned even after he's been disposed of in such a coldblooded way. There's no just typical "bwahahahaha attack" like the mutated three priests of Gorgom. There's no boring first appearance and Parad does nothing. No, Parad is nothing like Shadow Moon as an evil Kamen Rider. Shadow Moon was just brainwashed and crazy. This guy seems to be a Bugster that feels like he was actually created to emulate Takeshi Asakura or Kamen Rider Ouja.

The whole problem now has it that Poppy has been brainwashed and is part of the Kamen Rider Chrronicle plan. The whole game's design is to make people kill each other to the finish. It's a sick game and we see how sick it is. After they've lost they'll all die. It's already a modified version of that Kamen Rider Ryuki did back in 2002. Losers in the Rider War die. Now more innocent civilians are fooled into playing the game. I think Kamen Rider Chronicle is indeed a modified version of the Rider War. How it will affect Kamen Rider EX-AID still remains to be seen. I wish things will get more serious at this point. 

I'm glad that the beginning of the Kamen Rider Chronicle isn't like Kamen Rider Black's 36th episode. I'm glad we don't see Parad sitting on the throne then mutating some Bugsters. Maybe send these Bugsters without a good plan and retreating at the end of the episode. It's not just standard chaos to show how the threat has escalated. Instead, we have Parad taking advantage of the situation where he actually kills people. He actively tortures Hojo with the thought of how the game will soon end human civilization. Shadow Moon's presence only tortures Kotaro because of a past relationship and not because the former is doing it at his free will. Parad is doing it at his free will. What I could add is that unlike Shadow Moon, Parad actually has a lot of interaction with Kuroto before his takeover. 

So what's Parad really up to now he's not only killed Kuroto but he's also taken the game? He's shown he's a real menacing troll. He's not just someone you could block and forget about him. He shows that he's got a sick mind to back him up. So maybe it's sad to see a badass villain like Kuroto go. On the other hand, it looks like Parad will not be a disappointing replacement. He's yet another evil Kamen Rider that puts Shadow Moon's rather passive attitude to shame. I hope he won't become a disappointment like Shadow Moon was in Kamen Rider Black. 


  1. Stop comparing everything about this series to Black ffs

    1. I'm just exercising my right to share my opinion.


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