Kuroto Dan's End And Parad's Turn To Darken Things Up

I do feel pretty mixed when it comes to the end of a good villain. That is unless the writers decide to revive Kuroto to take revenge on Parad if the actor hasn't fully left the set. Kuroto's been trying to create the ultimate game so he could rule over humanity only for his plan to backfire badly at him. So what do do I feel about this one? It's almost like how Bilgenia in Kamen Rider Black was as a villain. A total badass who ends up getting destroyed at the hands of another villain.

Do you remember Shadow Moon's awakening in Kamen Rider Black? Shadow Moon awakens after the Gorgom priests feeds him their life force. Shadow Moon's first act as a Century King candidate is to get the Satan Saber from Bilgenia. Bilgenia returns, tries to defeat Shadow Moon and is destroyed. After Kuroto's defeat at the hands of EX-AID's latest form he gets some treacherous "help" from Parad.

On the other hand one may consider how Parad may not be a disappointing villain like Shadow Moon is in Kamen Rider Black. Parad not only prods Emu to kill Kuroto but also treacherously turns his back against his master. He then infects the now weakened Kuroto with a deadly virus and he plans to get what Kuroto worked for... for himself. It's better than Shadow Moon having been in suspended animation for some time before doing something. Parad was already working behind the scenes to take over Kuroto's position. Shadow Moon hardly does anything except his monotonous "must defeat Black Sun and get the King Stone" mindset. Bilgenia on the other hand is truly a dangerous foe and fortunately Takeshi Asakura in Ryuki wasn't wasted just like that. 

I hope Parad will turn out to be a more dangerous villain than Kuroto. That way, Kuroto's midseason death may not affect the show's quality as he's replaced by someone who's just raised the danger level to a whole new level. I hope it will be like how the Nezirangers are actually more fearsome and dangerous than Gurail is in Megaranger. On the other hand, I wonder what Tetsuya Iwanaga's reason is for leaving the set? Did he just find another project or what real life events are there that leads to his departure?


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