Hopefully Parad's Takeover Won't Be A Disappointment Like Shadow Moon's Takeover

The way Kuroto Dan was destroyed was a quite of improvement to what happened to Bilgenia in Kamen Rider Black. If you remember Kamen Rider Black episode where Shadow Moon awakens and take over it was anti-climatic. I felt Kuroto's death has more plot than Bilgenia's sudden demise at the hands of Shadow Moon. Parad appears to be menacing and he's already has what he needs to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle game.

Allow me to talk about my problems with Shadow Moon's long run implementation in Kamen Rider Black. Granted, I actually do still like the series but I find how Shadow Moon was carried out as one of its weaknesses. Recently, Shadow Moon has become one of the Heisei era's favorite butt monkeys for several crossover movies. But I thought he was a potentially cool character that just got wasted. Sure, earthquakes happened when he was awakened but was it worth all the effect? I don't think so. Shadow Moon becomes less and less active until the final battle. I really didn't feel that much impact with how Shadow Moon is except he's just there to fulfill the line of succession and nothing more. I guess all that makes him a convenient punching bag that keeps getting killed in crossover movies. So far, I could remember Shadow Moon getting killed in Super Hero Taisen, Super Hero Taisen Z and did I miss any more times Shadow Moon keeps getting revived and killed in the Heisei era?

Having an evil Kamen Rider to battle the main hero is one of the best innovations ever done in the Kamen Rider franchise. The Kamen Rider clone plot gets old really fast and a first evil Kamen Rider is really a welcome addition. The problem is that Shadow Moon was pretty much a prototype for things to come. He broke out and he's just there to be there. He's just there to do what Gorgom normally does with its stupid plans to take over the world. Sure he does get the Satan Saber and slay Bilgenia but the write-off isn't worth it. The only reason why the conflict escalates is because Kotaro refuses to fight Shadow Moon who used to be Nobuhiko. Fortunately, they were able to fix the broken concept during the Heisei era. Kamen Rider Ryuki restarted the trend and gave us Kamen Rider Ouja who really redefined evil Kamen Rider. Ouja just makes Shadow Moon even more pale. Having evil Kamen Riders every now and then makes me like the Heisei Riders more than the Showa Riders.

For Parad's usurpation I hope he'll be way better than Shadow Moon was in Black. Just watching how he has now hypnotized Poppy off-screen and has revived some Bugsters is something. He's managed to fool Kuroto and even steal the Kamen Rider Chronicle. Shadow Moon was pretty much a prototype for the concept of the evil Kamen Riders that would pretty much be a trend in a lot of Heisei era Kamen Riders. So how will the Kamen Rider Chronicle plot be carried out?


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