How I Got Into Korean Drama Last Decade Up To Present

With the event that Rain and Kim Tae Hee tied the knot today (and I guess I smell despair everywhere now), I want to do a bit of a Thursday Throwback post. I remembered in College I didn't immediately like Korean drama. I could remember how I was hesitant to watch Autumn in My Heart because of too many tears. Watching Taiwanese drama helped me connect to be my Chinese ancestry even if I wasn't born in China or Taiwan. When I thought of Korean drama, I decided that I wouldn't be so easy to click on it. I once said, "Only idiots like Korean shows." which I soon became that idiot for watching it later.

When I watched Autumn in My Heart and Full House in Tagalog, I could only care about the beauty of the protagonist. I could remember how Song Hye Kyo's character was dubbed as Jenny in Autumn in My Heart and as Jessie in Full House. Yup, I can't forget that really stupid crush I had on Song Hye Kyo. Then I watched Love Story in Harvard and Forbidden Love for Kim Tae Hee during the last decade. Though the tragic ending of Autumn in My Heart made me not want to watch Korean drama until I saw Lavender's tragic ending. Tragic endings happen everywhere. Come on, why am I am so overdramatic when Rie died in Chojin Sentai Jetman?

I wanted to focus mostly on Hong Kong, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese entertainment. But Korean drama has its charm. Part of the reason why I developed some bias and hatred towards it was because of my preferences. Korean drama was overshadowing a lot of stuff I like. But I figured out that the more time passed the more I would be prone to watching Korean drama over Tokusatsu. Sure, there's still something good for Tokusatsu to offer whether it's old or new. I'm enjoying new school Kamen Rider and I'm actually interested to watch Kyuranger. But if I had to choose between Japanese Tokusatsu or Korean drama I'd be choosing the latter. Though I'd still pick Japanese drama over Korean drama and Chinese drama over Japanese drama.

It's 2017 and there may be more new school Korean dramas that I'd be interested in. This year I'm watching new school Super Sentai (though I prefer more of the old ones) and new school Kamen Rider (which I prefer old school Kamen Rider). But it doesn't mean that I won't want to watch some Korean drama when there's a new one. I think I can still enjoy a lot of stuff at once at a slow pace. Otherwise, I might just be confusing my taste buds.


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