Is Kuroto Dan Running A Killer Bored Gemn?

This week's Kamen Rider Gaim has Kamen Rider Gemn's identity getting revealed to the others. Kuroto Dan revealed his identity as Gemn first to the audience then to the protagonist riders. While he appears to be a nice person but he's really a sadistic madman who gathers Game Data of Death from others to create what could be a Resident Evil type of game called "Dangerous Zombie". This reminded me of one villain from Abaranger. If you haven't watched Abaranger yet then I suggest you do. Imagination Station has already finished subbing it. I know it's already 2016 but it's still a fun show nonetheless.

One of Abaranger's villains is also a professional doctor known as Mikoto Nakadai. He's bored and wants to have some excitement at the cost of other people's lives. Mikoto accepted the dangerous power of Abare Killer and had Top Galer as his companion. He's always making everyone's lives miserable for both the Abarangers and the Evolien. Mikoto even took over the Evolien for a short time forcing everyone to bow down to him. What's later revealed is that a portion of Dezumozoryla was inside Mikoto which only amplified the sadistic desires of the latter's heart.

What's the possible motive to why he's doing it? It sounds similar to Mikoto's excuse. Mikoto knows that the Abare Killer suit will explode killing the user so he performs acts of sadism to amuse himself. Kuroto knows that using the Proto Driver for too long will soon deteriorate his body so he does what he can to try and create the game "Dangerous Zombie". I just hope that Kuroto gets to run for a whole season since I think he's got the potential to be one of the most cruel Kamen Rider villains ever. Only time will tell how he'll turn out as a villain. Hopefully, we won't see him written off because he's got potential to be a real source of conflict.

Abaranger had Naruhisa Arakawa as the head writer and EX-AID has Yuya Takahashi writing it but you can't deny this similarity, can you?


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