My Taste Fatigue Cycle With Japanese Tokusatsu Series And Taiwanese/Japanese/South Korean TV Drama

One of my most nostalgic moments was when I actually took a momentary break from Tokusatsu. It's something to think about that back in my College days, I still think about the moments I wanted to take a short break from Tokusatsu as a whole. There was a time I wanted to see more Tokusatsu even as an adult. Later, I thought that sometimes taking a short break from what you like is necessary when taste fatigue develops. Super Sentai has been there for 40 years and after some time I wanted to focus on nothing but Super Sentai (even I didn't want to check out more Kamen Rider whether it was Showa or Heisei) but the inevitable arrived. It's Super Sentai taste fatigue. Eating too much of one's favorite food can develop taste fatigue you know.

The first time I took a rather short break from Tokusatsu was so last decade. The invasion of Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean TV drama was a huge hit. I remembered watching Meteor Garden and I got magnetized into TV dramas that were far better than what telebasuras from the Philippines have to offer. Meteor Garden was just the start then there were more Taiwanovelas and South Koreanovelas that were aired in the Philippines. Later on, I'd also get myself into Japanese drama which is partly a reason why I couldn't fully sever myself from Tokusatsu.

I soon developed taste fatigue during the time I didn't watch any Tokusatsu series for a while. I felt like everything was in a culture shock. The break started to come to an end when I would start watching some Tokustasu fan subs. I didn't have much enthusiasm to actually watch more newer Tokusatsu compared to newer Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean drama. What's strange is that I usually don't like old school Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean drama while I'm open to old school Tokusatsu during the 80s. Again, it's been all about who delivers the best quality and not about whether or not it's old school or new school. But again, the taste fatigue happened and I decided to take a break from Taiwanese, Japanese or South Korean series to focus on Tokusatsu. But that doesn't seem to change the fact that I usually prefer new school Taiwanese, Japanese or South Korean series than new school Tokusatsu.

I felt there's a lot to catch up with. I started with TV-Nihon then more Tokusatsu fan subbers came in due to that momentary break I had from Tokusatsu. A lot of the newer stuff last decade wasn't so bad though I still missed some Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Metal Hero shows I grew up with. After I got back to Tokusatsu with the Boukengers, I wanted more of it but there will always be a bad entry to every genre. I watched some of them for shallow reasons because of some of the girls. Dekaranger was probably where I had my most shallow reason namely Jasmine. When I start watching some of the old school classics my mind just juggles itself then I realize that it's all about quality. Then I find myself in taste fatigue with Tokusatsu that I want to return to watching Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean TV drama series until I miss Tokusatsu. It's just like after eating too much Korean food and Japanese food that I want to go back to eating Filipino food and Chinese food.

Sometimes, it's nice to actually abstain from what anybody likes. I do still like Super Sentai for most of its good servings but right now it's probably a combination of brand fatigue on its part or taste fatigue on my part. I feel like I want to focus more on the new school Kamen Rider than Super Sentai for that reason. But I'm expecting that sooner or later I'll develop taste fatigue with new school Kamen Rider like I develop a taste fatigue on just everything I like. It's sad to say that while innovation keeps businesses alive but you can never get rid of taste fatigue from the audience. Some people just need a break every now and then. 


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