Why I Love Trying To Establish A Possible Connection Between Kamen Rider Kuuga And Kamen Rider Agito

So it's been some time since I've been calling Kamen Rider Decade as something that's almost as awful if not just as awful as Saban's Masked Rider. I'll try to address this new issue called the controversy of the possible connection between Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kamen Rider Agito. Here's something I thought could be possibly used from The Center of Anime and Toku:

You're free to enjoy Agito as a continuation of Kuuga if you so wish, or imagine it takes place in a parallel world, if you so choose. I appreciate this may sound like an asspull, however, so I guess I would say that while Agito takes place '2 years after #4 destroys the Unidentified Lifeforms', it is not a sequel to Kuuga, so take to the show with that in mind.

Even if the producers didn't want to think of Agito as a sequel to Kuuga, I'd want to think of it as such. My reason? Do you remember the Kamen Riders of the Showa Era? They took place in the same continuity. Then again, was Kamen Rider Black meant to happen in a separate continuity. Perhaps until it got so popular that during Black RX (the not so good sequel) we ended up having Black placed back into that same continuity. But I still have my difficulty accepting that statement! I can accept that a lot of Super Sentai series occur within their own timeframes but... Agito felt like a sequel to Kuuga.

It's said that the producers didn't want to waste Yuusuke Godai's efforts. Even after one threat is over, another threat always rises up in real life. During Kamen Rider Black RX's events, Kotaro must battle Crisis Empire in the less popular sequel. In Kamen Rider V3, after Shocker was defeated we have Destron. The Kamen Riders have carried the oath to continue the battle of their predecessors. After the events of Winspector, the Solbrain team continues the job of their predecessors. Then Exceedraft was the last of the series but you can still bet there's still danger all the time. So I don't see any reason why Shouichi can't continue the fight Yuusuke left behind. 

Do I appeal to Kamen Rider Decade for most of the answers? Not really. Since Decade focuses on Alternate Reality versions of the actual Kamen Riders than the actual riders themselves. Hmmm... I still want to think of Decade as a real bastardization of the nine other riders. But there was some stuff that the series actually put to what COULD have been a cool story placed into Kamen Rider Agito. It was all about the Lords and Grongi themselves. The conflict that they had could have been carried on in Kamen Rider Agito.

The series Decade showed what could have been possible plots that may have been removed from Kamen Rider Agito's actual continuity. I think it could fit in between the two of them then maybe, treat Kamen Rider Ryuki and the rest as "self-contained". I thought the possible story in Agito would have been cool to add. There's always a time for either self-contained or establishing a timeline depending on the situation. But for Agito, I felt like the need to establish the connection since they compared Agito's appearance to Kuuga and remembering the event called the Unidentified Lifeforms. Then they called the threat of the Lords as the Unknown.

The Lords were the guardians of humanity but tend to do stuff pretty horribly. The common role of both Light and Darkness is similar to the common role of the titan brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus. The Lords created the Kuuga belt and the first Kuuga was their champion. One day, Light told his brother Darkness that it's time for human evolution to move forward to another direction. This creates conflict because Darkness wants humanity to stay the way it is. Light wanted to do the opposite with humanity's evolution. He wanted humanity to evolve to a whole new level. So Agito was brought forward as a new champion which launches another stage in the conflict. The Grongi treated humanity as prey while the Lords were in charge of balancing humanity. 

This could have worked itself out that Agito could have tried to really discovered more about the Lords and Grongi as history unveiled itself. I really wished it were established that while Kuuga was set to defeat the Grongi, the Lords have a civil war that's affecting humanity. Darkness wants to keep humanity the way it is but ends up killing people with the Agito seed since "humans must stay the way they are". That could have added more conflict than the show already had. Then it might have Shouchi questioning whether or not keeping the Agito seed bearers is going to do humanity any good or not. This was seemingly addressed by Hojo himself later in the series where he felt that the Agito seed holders are more dangerous than the Unknown themselves... until Darkness tries to abort humanity as the "only way to restore balance". 

Plus, I thought that it could have been great if Kuuga and Agito had an actual crossover. We could probably imagine what if an abomination were born that a Grongi remnant had the Agito Seed. Then it would take both Kamen Riders to destroy that new abomination. There were a couple of ideas that could have been worked for both series. Sadly, a lot of them couldn't be met and I blame executive meddling for it. 


  1. Cool article bro, but I think you have to work on the sentence structures and the grammar. It was sort of difficult to understand some of your points and half of it felt redundant since you were just repeating something you already said in another paragraph. But cool article nonetheless

    1. Holy fucking shit, it's me.

      Also, I disagree. His article is fine. No need for the nitpicking.


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