Kamen Rider Villain Comparison: Masato Mishima And Dr. Maki As Human Villains Who Threw Off Their Humanity!

While watching Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Kabuto, I felt like both villains namely Masato Mishima and Dr. Maki. Though the tones of both series were different but I can't deny how two villains were pretty similar in some way. Now let's take a look at them aside from the fact that they wear glasses.

Masato Mishima

Masato is at first presented as what might be a protagonist, he was part of ZECT and was actively involved in combating the worms. At one point, he was a Kamen Rider using TheBee but he was having his own schemes. He was always shown to be selfish, manipulative and has had been planning to take over ZECT behind the scenes. I always thought that the actor Tomihisa Yuge game this guy the feeling of being the cold antagonist, where he has been a puppet master of sorts in the master between humans AND the Worms.

What's his deal? During the events of Kabuto, he was only thinking about himself while feigning loyalty to Riku Kagami. As time passed by, he's shown himself to have been more and more vile than the Worms have already been. In fact, he's even teamed up with other Worms just to suit his purpose and pun intended, I felt like this guy has stepped lower than the worst of worms in the whole series. He has betrayed a lot of people and in fact, he also teamed up with a treacherous Native known as Negishi just so he could become supreme master of the world.

I felt like his form as the Gryllus Worm as the "ultimate Worm" is no surprise... he is a vile person you'd want to throw into the worms. After he had cast out his humanity several times and having rejected redemption, I felt like he's another vile piece of scum that humanity is better off without this guy running everything.

Dr. Kiyoto Maki

While Kamen Rider OOO is a lighter and softer series but don't let this guy fool you. He may be "boring" at first but I felt this guy is no pushover. While he may not be as seriously written as Masato Mishima but beware, this guy murdered his own older sister and just give him a few more space, he might become as vile as Nomura in Killers. In a show that's showing the battle of Greeeds vs. human, he is human but he has stooped down even lower than the level of your average Greeed.

At first, he worked for Kousei Kougami but for some reason, he was disgruntled. It's never confirmed but somewhat hinted that Kougami doesn't really pay much to his employees. This guy happens to be a more evil version of Plankton from Spongebob if Kougami is Mr. Krabs to the series. He wanted to see the "end of all things" where he soon transformed from human to the most powerful Greeed in existence. His character development almost felt like Viktor Adler's progressive transformation into the second Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force, except his is happening in the present.

During the finale, he really shows how cruel he can get even for a lighthearted show. I mean, what's his big idea of imitating the Overlord of Darkness in Agito? While the Overlord of Darkness wanted to keep balance, this guy wanted to bring the end of all things.


  1. Why you no include Banno? I feel his another irredeemable human who casted away his humanity.... :p


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