Some Actors And Actresses I Wished Became Part Of Qiong Yao's World!

Whenever I start backtrack watching with Qiong Yao drama and films, nothing has been more absurd with how I tend to actually like Qin Han and Liu Xuehua's pairing even if the former is pretty much, 13 years older than the latter but man, they do have good chemistry!  Provided I've watched modern series more than I did with older ones, I could actually write more about certain actors and actresses I wished were drafted into Qiong Yao's World!

Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu Wang would be the first two.  While I would admit Meteor Garden II can be a pain to watch due to my eyes getting swollen then (insert funny scene) moments then more swollen eye moments, I thought about it that they do have the chemistry of Qin Han and Liu Xuehua at more than one level.  Jerry Yan is debonair in his acting and Barbie Xu Wang is the only actress I felt could cry as beautifully as Liu Xuehua.  I felt it that when I looked at Ting Yuan Shen Shen with Qin Han screaming, "Han Ye!!!!!" under the rain, I think of Daoming Si.  With that scene of Qin Han tending to an otherwise whipped Liu Xuehua, I would say Meteor Garden's Daoming Si tending to a beating Shan Tsai comes to my mind.  Seriously, why didn't they get into Qiong Yao's world?

Wallace Huo and Penny Lin would be another should have been couple with Qiong Yao.  After watching 100% Senorita, I really love their chemistry and I just wonder, when is Penny Lin getting married?  I mean my favorite Sentai girls Nao Nagasawa and Ayumi Kinoshita are now married, so why aren't my favorite senior drama actresses getting married?  Moving on, I always thought Penny Lin really knew how to act every character she could play as whether she's the bad girl or the good girl, I just love her performance.  Back to chemistry, I always thought that they really had what it takes to produce a good chemistry.  Wallace was quite disappointing with his first few episodes but he gradually improved, Penny really knows how to pull a dramatic or funny scene whenever it's needed.

Esther Liu may not be as good as Barbie Xu Wang but I still feel more or less she has what it takes to play serious roles, both the feisty leading lady to the pitiful roles.  I feel like she's got what it takes to play Yiping's role - both the panther lady and the injured porcupine in more than one level.  I really wish she and Jerry Yan can have at least one Qiong Yao series together.  I think she and Jerry Yan may have the chemistry that Qin Han and Liu Xuehua have.  She could cry that beautifully though not at the level of Barbie Xu Wang, but still, she does cry so beautifully.  My first favorite role of hers was actually in Green Forest, My Home where she really knew how to play her role out.

It's my favorite thing to say but many times, Brigitte Lin's younger pictures and Liu Yifei's current pictures would end up resembling each other.  Considering she's more of a movies person making her a contemporary to Brigitte Lin, heck, even her pictorials resemble that of the 70s actress in her glory days!  So really, I'm amazed to how both actresses just resemble each other at more than one level and I even think she and Jerry Yan should have had one project together as at a Qin Han/Brigitte Lin type of chemistry then of course, another one wouldn't hurt then we get another leading guy.  Due to her Brigitte Lin type appeal, I guess we'll probably just pick one or two Qiong Yao movies or... well just make her and Jerry Yan redo Red Dust.

An alternate to Jerry Yan would be Vic Chou who I think is another Qin Han to reckon with.  Seeing him in the Qiong Yao like drama called Last Night of Madame Chin where he starred alongside Qiong Yao star Fan Bingbing.  I think he and Fan Bingbing had that chemistry moment so I wouldn't mind pairing them another time.  He and Esther Liu may also have that Qin/Liu chemistry for all we know.  Like Qin Han, he can also be very debonair when needed.  In my own imagination, I think he would have also made a better Shuhuan than actor Leo Ku who for me, just pissed me off more often than not because I expected better.

This list will be expanded soon!


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