My Lucky Star: A Love Story Of Jewels!

I would remember this TV series called "My Lucky Star" which the main lead was Jimmy Lin (who plays as the prodigal son of EShine's owner named Zhong Tianqi) and Korean actress Yoo Hana (who plays as the jewelry con arist Xia Zhixing) get entangled into a series of mishaps.  This of coruse, wasn't really a comic relief of a show, it was a lighthearted show but not without a tragedy in the middle.  I thought this TV drama was entertaining with how it actually talks about how it explores a rather awkward love story.

Zhixing (also called as Ah Xing) herself had a boyfriend who was a con artist, after she got out of her jail, her boyfriend left her and she meets up with Tianqi.  With the typical rich man and poor girl scenario, I was expecting some loads of tears but it was laced with mostly lighthearted plots.  This of course also involved some reasons why Tianqi left and he's a contrast to his responsible brother Tianjun (Leon Jay Williams) who has a fiance named Ou Yarou (Jennifer Hong).  I thought that the rebellious nature of Tianqi would eventually mix in with Zhixing's rebellious streak forming a forbidden love cycle.  This does not sit well with how the TV series goes.

Later, we discover that the patriarch of EShine has Parkinson's, something that does sit well and in the middle of the show, both the father and his eldest son Tianjun dies.  The father dies from illness while the son dies from an accident.  While Tianqi tries to forget about Zhixing, he could note even that the misunderstanding still captures him in utter conflict within himself.  He blames Zhixing for the death of his older brother.  Later, it was discovered why his mother committed suicide - it was because his father had an affair and he has a half-brother, Han Zhiyin (Lee Wei) who appears.  Zhiyin is resentful towards his father considering that he was born out of an extramarital affair.

Things have changed or have they?  Looking at how Tianji had become a ruthless CEO of EShine and had abandoned his prodigal ways, he still has his love for Zhixing.  Zhixing adopts her former boyfriend's daughter Nini because the parents went to jail.  In an sense, Zhixing is a single adoptive mother as she had effectively become the mother figure of a child that she didn't give birth to.  A lot of secrets surfaced to the people that Zhiyin's death was accidental, that it was called by Ou Yarou (who intended to end her criminal father's life) and that there's another love triangle as it involves Tianji and his half-brother Zhiyin, the race for Zhixing's hand is on.

I always thought the story itself had some predictable turns like Yarou eventually turning herself in for the horrible things she did.  At the same time, there was a comedic proposal which I tend to think that why would a lighthearted drama kill somebody in the middle of the series?  I thought that the series tends to suffer a lot of mood swings more often than not.  In the end, the couple finally finds her true love for each other, ending with Tianji and Zhixing expecting to be parents.

My rating?  6/5/10 if it wasn't for the midseason change.  I mean, really, it almost made one season feel like two seasons. =P


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