Kamen Rider Drive Is Finally Over... Now Waiting For Kamen Rider Ghost And Post-Series Specials!

Well as said, yesterday concluded Kamen Rider Drive in a very atypical way. So Banno (the big bad) is finished off by his own son Gou, while the Global Freeze is about to happen. A lot of events in the show are pretty atypical which is either a good thing or not especially with how the final episode was written.

After both Kamen Rider Drive and Heart destroy the program that Banno created to cause the Global Freeze, they have their struggle under the rain. Medic is gone, yes, sad to say and so is Chase (but their templates are still alive). Granted, Riku Sanjo wrote Kamen Rider W and a good portion of Kamen Rider Fourze, I felt like a elements were all there. While Chase does not come back to life, we meet the Roidmude that he was based on as the series ended. I thought the whole epilogue also showed how the team would cope up.

In Shinnosuke's life and death experience (he freaking fell off a building), he encounters our newest hero Kamen Rider Ghost. I thought it's great to have a crossover though as of late, it seems Kamen Rider has reestablished its timeline after Kamen Rider Decade, in contrast to how Kamen Rider Agito as a semi-sequel to Kamen Rider Kuuga was left to the viewer's decision as not to waste Yuusuke's efforts. Looking at the possibility of a crossover which is going to happen based on the end credits,

I'd like to see how another ghost-based season would do... GOING GHOST with Kamen Rider Ghost! I just posted this funny Photoshopped image of Danny Phantom with the Kiva belt for laughs. This time, I don't mind seeing another Kamen Rider with a ghost theme. So who will be the head writer? Hopefully we'll have either Gen Urobuchi or Naruhisa Arakawa (he's badly needed now). As of late, just give Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue time to recover.

The whole series was a fun road trip. But I am yet to see the Kamen Rider Drive movie and I may share my thoughts on it.


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