I'm Excited For Kamen Rider Ghost!!!!!

Well Shinnosuke, good job, now it's time to make way for Kamen Rider Ghost!

So it's the end of Kamen Rider Drive with a special episode, I know some people may have gone "HUH?!" with Kamen Rider Drive, perhaps it didn't meet their expectations but I'll proudly say that I love the series and I think it's a must watch. The Kamen Rider Drive crossover with Ninninger was pretty good in itself.

Now it's time to tackle on the upcoming Kamen Rider just in time for the Halloween Month:

Not what I had in mind but I hope it will be better than Kamen Rider Kiva...

The next Kamen Rider will be known as Kamen Rider Ghost. I'll admit that I enjoyed Kamen Rider Kiva and as of late, I am more excited for the next Kamen Rider than the next Super Sentai season. Now I'm still watching Ninninger, it's somewhat entertaining but Kamen Rider Drive had given me more entertainment value than Ninninger. So, that's my freaking opinion and I have no right to get mad at you if you think some things I do sucks or make you go "HUH?!" or I'm below your standard because it's YOUR opinion. Now moving on...

Aura Power!  MEDITATION!  Wait... this is Kamen Rider!

Here's something that I'm finding weird considering that, we now have a Kamen Rider named... TAKERU Tenkuji. We had an actor named Takeru Sato play as Ryota Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O and now time for a blast to the past with the name Takeru itself.

Both red rangers now realize that there's a Kamen Rider named Takeru....

We have two red rangers (both my favorites from their respective shows) who were named Takeru. Kamen Rider Black and Maskman both aired in 1987. Shinkenger had another Takeru who is also the red ranger and it was the had a crossover with Kamen Rider Decade. Now we'll have a Kamen Rider who's named Takeru. Now I thought about also the other possible coincidences or did executives name their characters as such? I mean, think of it that Kenta Date was Megaranger's Mega Red and he shares the same first name with Kenta Satou, the actor who played as Turboranger's Riki Honoo and with the character Kenta from Maskman. How weird is it? For me, I've welcomed this weirdness.

In my imagination and seeing that Takeru Tenkuji is meditating, I just want to imagine this happening. So what of Kazunori Inaba and Tori Matsuzaka were to share their thoughts on Kamen Rider Drive? My expected answer is, "It's nice to have a Kamen Rider named Takeru doing some form of meditative combat technique." After all, Aura Power and Mojikara are somewhat similar yet different in terms of harnessing them. The Maskmen and Shinkengers both train their bodies to unleash that inner energy and I wonder... would Kamen Rider Ghost do the same?

Looking at what might be a lighthearted supernatural show and maybe this show would be Toei's second attempt to make a Danny Phantom-ish Rider. I felt the first attempt was with Kamen Rider Kiva (which used a very Western theme for a Japanese show) and it was basically Toshiki Inoue as some said, undid himself. This was when comedy was done, I'll admit some of it were either so in your face or just stupid, but the show itself was pretty entertaining nonetheless. Hopefully, Kamen Rider Ghost will beat my expectations.


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