Kamen Rider Agito's Overlords: Prometheus And Epimetheus?

In Kamen Rider Agito, I thought it does also stem from the ancient myths of olden times with the idea of both the Overlords. The Lords were supposedly the holy protectors of humanity along with two Overlords - Light and Darkness. Both twins existed in harmony for a time until it came to the creation of man. In the Greek myths, that would remind me of two titans namely Prometheus and Epimetheus who were twin brothers responsible for the creation of man.

Remembering my Greek mythology class, both twin brothers were in charge with creating man so I wonder if there's anybody above the two Overlords. Based on the tapestry, it seems there is a high god who would be equivalent to Zeus. The name Prometheus means forethought and the name Epimetheus means hindsight or afterthought. Lacking foresight, Epimetheus wasn't able to give anything positive to man while the other animals evolved overtime. Prometheus was depicted as ingenious and clever while Epimetheus was depicted as foolish.

If I want to compare the Overlord of Light to any of the two brothers it would be Prometheus. In the story, fire belonged to the gods and man wasn't supposed to have fire. However Prometheus did the unthinkable as he gave fire to man. If you think about it in the context of Kamen Rider Agito, did not the Overlord of Light bestow the Agito seed to humanity? I view the event as comparable as allowing man to possess fire which Zeus forbade.

The Overlord of Darkness would be Epimetheus since while he does care about humanity (since he also took part in their creation) but I thought his actions were unjustifiable. Now remember, nowhere in the myths Epimetheus did not seek to restart humanity but like the Overlord of Darkness, he is utterly foolish. The Overlord of Darkness had started an operation that would have anybody killed for merely possessing the power to evolve into Agito. It's just like Zeus getting mad with man possessing fire because it was for the gods. As the "main villain" the objective of the Overlord of Darkness is "humans should stay as they are, not evolve into Agito." just like how Epimetheus also believed that fire should not belong to man.


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