Kamen Rider Agito: A Very Atypical Kamen Rider!

Kamen Rider Agito has a very unique execution to an otherwise weird plot. Ryuki may have had potential but thanks a lot to executive meddling, the story couldn't go on to be better. So what do we think about Kamen Rider Agito's story? It's not a very typical Kamen Rider story of good vs. evil, rather we see a lot of complex characters along the way.

Trying to understand the characters is no easy task in Agito. I mean, Shouichi the main protagonist has nothing known about his very past until later in the series. All that is presented (at first) is just your amnesiac hero who could transform into Agito. You do have the question of just who in the world is this guy and how did he get involved? Then you have Ryou who became Kamen Rider Gills, who again is another mysterious character who is involved in a very complicated case. While most Kamen Riders had some of their origins revealed at one to two episodes, we really don't know anything about the protagonist at first, until the series unfolds what Shogo B'Stard of Thems Fightin' Words calls a sprawling, ambitious tapestry of sorts. The only one who doesn't have much of a mystery is the honorable Hikawa. Mana herself is also involved in the story one way or another.

Hikawa and Hojo lock eyes. Romance is in the air
What seldom makes me think is whether or not Hojo was really a necessary conflict since I felt like, G3 should be rivaling Agito NOT by some police officer who's such a dick. I mean, I thought either Hikawa goes or Hojo goes because personally, I thought Hojo should have been G3 and two, leading a City Guardians type unit while donning the G3 suit. I mean, Hojo is basically the Naoto Takizawa of the show... that is a dickhead who still has some goodness left beneath him. You don't see that too much in Kamen Rider do you?

The Egyptian looking Lords of Agito aren't your typical "bwahahahaha we are so taking over the world" type of villains. At first, you think they are your typical villains who just kill people left and right, yet the audience ends up discovering before the characters that they only target a specific group of people, not mass murders. They have their specific targets, they have that mysterious hand gesture and you just don't know why they started killing people. You just wonder why they were killing people and then when one of them kills a person, a newly resurrected Overlord of Darkness kills one of the Lords for murder.

So we think... what is their real purpose? It's revealed that they were killing people with supernatural power which the origins are later revealed. It's sort of like the two sides of evolution. As you see, Agito is wrapped around the idea of evolution ran by dual forces. The Lords were the protectors of humanity in ancient times. It was even intended to be that they were connected as enemies of the bloodthirsty Grongi but the idea was somehow scrapped by Toei's producers, but later revisited in the non-canon world of Kamen Rider Decade. Agito also feels a bit of X-Men to it as people with ESP are the "next step" of human evolution. Two people were responsible for the birth of humanity - the Overlord of Light and the Overlord of Darkness (no he's NOT the Devil here but rather, a misguided deity) to which each side guides the way of evolution.

So what is the purpose then of killing people with the Agito seed? The Lords who are carrying out the murders against them do not wish to take over the world. They believe that human evolution has reached its peak and that, humans must stay the way they are. But instead of finding other means to control the balance, the Overlord of Darkness wants to kill all those with Agito seeds as the "only way" to do stuff. For him, humanity would one day spiral out of control unless those gifted by the Overlord of Light with the power of Agito are completely eradicated. I would say that while the Lords had their noble goals but they could have found peaceful ways to resolve the problem, rather than start killing people just because the hold the Agito seed in them. -_-


  1. With this, even if I haven't watched Agito, I find it similar to Gaim in which both have no real villains.

  2. I thought Kamen Rider Agito had a very christian motif:

    Agito is supposed be Jesus: Ground form is the Son,Burning Form is the Holy Spirit and Shining form is the father.

    Gills represents people who want to believe,but have too many personal problems to behave.

    G3 represents humanity,who tries to do their best to live their lives with their own powers(technology)

    Another Agito represents people who use Gods words in order to achieve their own gain.

    The whole story is symbolic of humanity in general and how god may or may not influence them.


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