Getting Shakespearian on Agito: TO Evolve or Not to Evolve, That is the Question!

Kamen Rider Agito tempts me get Shakespearian with the question, "To evolve or not to evolve?" So what's the whole point? Agito is really a show with evolution written all over it. The tapestry apparently explains human evolution with two forces involved. The Overlord of Light and the Overlord of Darkness were responsible for overseeing human evolution.

The tapestry has this supreme god ruling over mankind and out from them came the Lords and the humans. The Lords were once humanity's protectors. In the non-canon Kamen Rider Decade, the Lords were once enemies of the Grongi and created Kuuga as its champion. In the canon of Agito, the Lords were made to maintain humanity's balance so after they reached a certain stage of evolution, the Overlord of Darkness thought that it would be enough. But the Overlord of Light had other plans which caused the major conflict in Agito's story.

Agito starts off with the story of murders of specific people. We don't know why the people were getting murdered but it was not a mass murder. Who were these animal-headed Lords and what were they doing? The question gets answered when you realize that human beings who possess ESP or some superhuman power were getting killed. So we find out that the Lords are not exactly humanity's enemy per se but they were enemies of those who held the Agito power. The Agito power was viewed by the Overlord of Darkness as a dangerous force that humans should not have and that normal humans should stay that way. Even the whole issue reached two cops namely Hikawa and Hojo, though I felt Hojo's rivalry should have been against Shouichi instead of Hikawa.

The whole problem of Agito's beginning was found at the finale arc. During the Akatsuki Gou incident, the Overlord of Light well, started what might be a foolish move. The whole source of power of the Agito was thanks to the Overlord of Light giving selected people the power to become Agito. This problem didn't stop at the Akatsuki Gou. The Overlord of Darkness felt that this same move years ago, would be the end of the world unless those with the Agito seed were crushed and normal humans would be left alone. The whole agenda was, "Humans should stay as they are." which resulted to the deaths of countless people who had the Agito seed. But sad to say, not everyone who the Lords killed were truly a harm to humanity. The Lords had a noble motive but their actions were wrong, just plain wrong. You don't kill people just because they have the power to become Agito!

What I pretty much enjoyed with Agito's human evolution theme was how it posed the problem of how great power can also be abused. When the Lords of Agito were killing people who possessed the power to become Agito just because they held that power, wasn't that also an abuse? With the mystery known, Hojo would deduce that the people with the Agito seed are more dangerous than the Lords (hmmm... this guy has issues). The Overlord of Darkness would eventually try to raise up the most incredibly absurd way to control evolution... restart humanity. That is, he would sequentially end humanity via their zodiac signs then restart it. This of course was power abuse at its finest. In the finale, only after Kamen Rider Agito Rider-kicked him, only did he realize he hasn't fully understood the pathway of evolution.


  1. "In the non-canon Kamen Rider Decade, the Lords were once enemies of the Grongi and created Kuuga as its champion"

    "In the canon of Agito, the Lords were made to maintain humanity's balance"

    The Decade version is true for the prime timeline,too. The lords in Agito were just the servants of the Darknes guy,so what ever he wanted them to do,they did.

    1. If we ARE to use the combined continuity of Kuuga and Agito, which I do like (and the reasoning that it'd make Godai's battles pointless is pretty unrealistic and sappy, in my opinion) I do believe that Kuuga was indeed the first measure by the Lords and Linto against the Grongi. However, while it's not indicated whether the ancient Kuuga ever attained Ultimate Form, the writings presented in the show indicated that the Linto were AWARE of that corrupting potential of the power, that it would corrupt the user's mind into something no different from a Grongi: sociopathic, bloodthirsty, violent, and in constant need of a sick thrill.

      If I had to guess, that's when the Lords decided that Kuuga was a failure and took matters in their own hands from now on.


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