Wishful Thinking: Loving Never Forgetting Should Have Been Set in 1940s!

The more I watched "Loving Never Forgetting", it felt like your traditional Qiong Yao drama with Jerry Yan as Qin Han 2.0.  Aside from my previous wish that Esther Liu were Wu Tong (she's a Liu Xue Hua 2.0), I think the story should have been in the 40s Shanghai.  So why did I think of setting the series in the 1940s?

You have to consider that Wu Tong's character is something you can't find in today's China where women already know their rights, were all girls are allowed and women have a choice.  Wu Tong feels like your typical Qiong Yao protagonist - she suffers for some time for the sake of love.  She is always crying and overly martyr type.  Her typical scenario of being the overly martyr type would be more typical in 1940s China than in the contemporary setting it was in.

That means, remove all the cellphones or any technology that didn't exist in the 1940s.  Maybe let Li Zhongmou live in the Lu Mansion in Romance in the Rain and let Wu Tong live in Yiping's house.  Have a caregiver frequently taking care of Li Zhongmou's mother since there wasn't a remote controlled wheelchair.  That means Zhongmou's fiance would be a celebrity in the 40s, black and white TV and everything that was so last 40s as its setting.  That's what they could have done to make the setting more realistic than putting an overly martyr character in a modern era.


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