How Xiaogang in Dolphin Bay Reflect On Myself

Maybe one reason why Dolphin Bay is a hard rewatch was because, personal life kicked in.  I could relate to Xiaogang except I'm no musical genius.  Like Xiaogang I had to face an annoying foil, I fell for a cute mouse-like girl, played around with certain girls in fickleness and had a rival with a guy who looks like Xerya minus all the drama.

While the girl was a well-to-do girl girl and she was no love child but her mouse-like features always got me like how Tianbian's did to Xiaogang.  She's wasn't pretty but I was really deeply into her.  She wasn't pretty nor appealing but her kindness caught my heart.  But at the same time, I always had my "sad love story" excuse.  At the same time, I started treating her better because she was so innocent, how could I mistreat her further?  She had indirectly showed me that my irrational outlook towards the opposite gender was wrong.  Then I started to fall for her but it never worked out.

Those were the times I felt tears really fell down, not because I had an agenda, but because I really loved her.  In the end, no matter how much I tried to be nice, I could not get her.  Realizing she could not love me back romantically, I just had to let her go.  I couldn't bear to force myself on her especially how her tears had affected me as well.


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