Wishful Thinking: Trying to Redo Qin Han's and Brigitte Lin's Chemistry for Contemporary Movies with Newer Actors

After seeing Red Dust, I do like the chemistry between Qin Han ad Brigitte Lin though I liked his chemistry with Liu Xuehua better.  How do you attempt to remake the chemistry? Having watched both old and new Chinese films, I don't think it's hard to attempt to redo it. Red Dust was a tragic film but the chemistry between Brigitte Lin and Brigitte Lin was really good for a person who prefers the newer generation.

While I don't suggest that Jerry Yan and Liu Yifei be repeatedly paired but hey, we can select at least one or two movies where Qin Han got paired with Brigitte Lin. In my case, I want to see them in a happy ending movie instead of the sad ending like Red Dust was.

Jerry Yan may remind some old school viewers of new school drama of Qin Han.  Handsome, debonair, high quality acting are some of Jerry Yan's trademarks. Watching Qin Han in the 1986 version of Romance in the Rain and Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden and lately in Loving Never Forgetting, he really has Qin Han's appeal.

For Liu Yifei, I really can't deny that she's really pretty and she can act. Like Brigitte Lin, she has that natural appeal to the audience. Although she is ten years younger than Jerry Yan, but I think she and him can look good together as an on-screen couple.


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