Why I Consider Masato Kusaka To Be Faiz's Secondary Villain?

I wonder if it's really debatable that Masato Kusaka is a villain or not but I can see him more as a villain.  So what's the real point?   A villain in any series can either be opposed to both the recurring villains and heroes or part of the recurring villain team.  In his case, while he was not part of Smart Brain but he was definitely a menace to Takumi.  I really, REALLY hated this guy and I would say he is definitely another villain with noble goals.

Why do I consider him to be a villain?  He's a manipulative backstabber who always makes your day miserable so he can further his own agenda.  So he is the current user of Kaixa but he has also used the Delta and Faiz belts.  His entire plan is focused on his own agendas.  He's a tragic character once being bullied.  He develops a crush on Mari who doesn't reciprocate it... which he feels like Takumi is that obstacle.  So really, while I feel sorry for his past but I cannot feel sorry for his present state.  As of the show, he has only annoyed me and made me think he's really another evil Kamen Rider worth trashing into oblivion.

For being manipulative and backstabbing, why does he always have to keep attacking Takumi?  Well it's his crush on Mari but come on, how does he expect Mari to like him with that kind of attitude?  To be honest, I feel sorry for Takumi and Kiba for being his pawns in his incredibly selfish game.  He is hateful for his continuous manipulations and hurting Takumi and Kiba.  Also, he is one incredible racist... he hates Orphnochs while he actually was using Orphnoch DNA in himself.  I find it utterly hateful how he is that double standard hypocrites.  So he hates Orphnochs so why does he insert some of their DNA into him?  It's all for his selfish reasons.

On the other hand, what kind of a villain is he?  He's more focused on his foolish hatred of Orphnochs and Takumi.  In short, he's a racist guy with a twisted definition of justice.  Unlike Ryuya in Timeranger who did do a few good things like revive Yuuri's family, get Domon back on the ring or provide a cure for the Osiris syndrome, this guy had done nothing good with his actions.  All he did was just make everyone's lives miserable with little or no improvement from what he does.  He's practically the secondary villain of Kamen Rider Faiz.


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