My Impressions on Last Night of Madam Chin

Last Night of Madam Chin felt like a traditional Chinese drama watched by my late grandmother.  Okay, I didn't really mind too much about what my late paternal grandmother borrowed on betamax back then.  I only later found out they were the oldies like Liu Xuehua and Qin Han.  Before Last Night of Madam Chin, I saw the Qiong Yao series called "Romance in the Rain" (2001 version) and later saw pieces of the 1986 version and read a synopsis.  Last Night of Madame Chin had a very powerful effect with its melodramatic plotline.  Although I didn't like the sad setting, it was easy to appeal to my emotions.

As a sucker for melodramatic plotlines, tears and romance stories, this drama gave me the impression Qiong Yao wrote it.  Even if the novel was written by Pai Hsuen Yung, it felt like a Qiong Yao drama with how it was written.  I could talk about a bit how my emotions were with the love story that pissed off my mother.  It was written that a rich banker's son Yueru falls for the cabaret girl Zhaoli.  Familiar?  It felt like Shuhuan who fell for Yiping who was the cabaret girl of the Grand Shanghai.  Not surprisingly, Fan Bingbing was also involved with Qiong Yao.

I can talk about how Vic Chou was in his role as Yueru.  He can act better than Leo Ku.  I felt like Leo Ku was extremely weak for Shuhuan.  Vic Chou for me may be able to impress those who watched Qin Han's TV series.  For the actress Fan Bingbing, I would say she's also able to impress me provided I've seen her in movies.  The two had a chemistry together better than that of Vicki Zhao and Leo Ku.  In fact, I even felt like Vic Chou could have been a better Shuhuan and Fan Bingbing as a better Yiping (although Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu would have been best for that role).

In terms of plot... you have a lot of melodrama and romance in the rain.  You have the typical dad won't allow and the question of honor.  True Zhaoli is a cabaret girl (she hasn't offered any sexual services) but she had more honor than that of Yueru's father.  Zhaoli breaks down into years of suffering for the sake of her love for Yueru... like Yiping did for Shuhuan.  She removes her spines leaving her defenseless in order to love Yueru.  Yueru like Shuhuan does the absurd even to carve her name into his chest just as Shuhuan would mail himself (which happened in the 2001 version of Romance in the Rain).  Then you have tragedies one after the other which makes you cry buckets.  All the melodramatic plots and turning around is very typical in Chinese romance stories.

So I did stop for awhile but I thought the plot was really enticing so I continued... even if it was going to be tragic.  And I really continued with its overly melodramatic plot.  I still fell for the emotionally driven writing, considering I'm an emotional person.  Even if it was really obvious to end badly, I still watched it considering how the genius writing appealed to my emotions.


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