Masato Kusaka Is a More Annoying Version of Captain Ryuya!

As if having a douchebag in Ryuya in Timeranger isn't enough, this guy feels like another Ryuya except it's in the Kamen Rider franchise.  Masato Kusaka gets to hold the power of the Ixa Belt and holds one deadly secret - he has Orphnoch DNA in him while he hates Orphnochs.  In short, he was becoming what he always hated, but whether human or Orphnoch HE IS ONE MAGNIFICENTLY ANNOYING BASTARD AND DOUCHEBAG!

Now what does he have in common with Captain Ryuya?  Here's some of them but note that Ryuya was not often shown in Timeranger compared to Masato:

1.) They are both manipulative bastards towards the protagonists.  Remember that Ryuya manipulated the Timerangers and time itself so he can live, although he wanted to make sure that the future was still secure.  He just wanted to live.  In Masato's case, he manipulated the people around Takumi to make his rival suffer and he would do anything to get rid of all Orphnochs.

2.) They both hate the main villains of the show.  Ryuya was in charge of capturing alien criminals.  Masato on the other hand hates the Orphnochs with a passion.  Both of them want to get rid of the enemy without any aim for world domination.

3.) They both had a deep dark secret to hide from everyone.  Ryuya later revealed that why he manipulated time itself was in order to live, without altering the 30th century as a whole.  Masato hid the fact he had Orphnoch DNA allowing him to use the Kaixa belt, although it led to his deterioration.

4.) Both got killed by a show protagonist.  Ryuya was shot by Ayase (by accident).  Masato's neck was snapped by Yuji Kiba.  Both harvested their own bad endings as a result.


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