Why I Think Kamen Rider Fourze Feels Like a Nickelodeon Show Produced in Toei!

While watching Kamen Rider Fourze, I simply feel like the show was a huge combination of Nickelodeon shows.  It feels like Teen Nick because it's a show that takes place in Amanogawa HIGH SCHOOL.  The setting is pretty much a teenager's environment.

And well I felt like here were the following characters of some characters that make it fell like a Nickelodeon Show based on the Kamen Rider Club:
1.) Gentaro Kisaragi and Sheen Estevez- Both are the show idiots.  Kamen Rider Fourze feels like a sequel to Planet Sheen and if adapted, can become a sequel to Planet Sheen!  Both characters are never known for their intelligence and are rather impulisive. 
2.) Kengo Utahoshi/Jimmy Neutron- Both characters are the show geniuses who have some kind of resentment/friendship towards the show idiot himself.  If Jimmy rebukes Sheen, Kengo does the same to Gentaro. 
3.) Tomoko Nozama/Sam Manson- She has no Jimmy Neutron counterpart but she is certainly a shout-out to Sam Manson from Danny Phantom. 
4.) Miu Kazashiro- She's like the Cindy Vortex of the show.  Both girls can be very spiteful and are the school queens. 
5.) Shun Daimonji/Dash Baxter- Another Danny Phantom based character.  Both Shun and Dash are football champions, most popular guy in school.  While Shun starts off as a bully for the first few episodes, he is most of the time his own character than a Dash Baxter type of character.  

Note that I don't have any Nickelodeon comparisons towards Yuki or JK.  I may find characters to compare them to soon.

One may consider the very atmosphere of Kamen Rider Fourze.  You can have a high school setting yet choose to be serious.  For example, Turboranger and Megaranger tend to be serious, while Megaranger is not that serious.  But one may think about how often the characters are sillier (which is why I think Kengo's temporary death was just bad writing).  The villains may be serious but the rest of the show feels more of a teeny-bopper Tokusatsu than your traditional Kamen Rider.

Humor in Kamen Rider Fourze based on its characters is very light.  Now Shun did have a few tears to share about his parental experience but the rest of him lands in comic relief.  You may have Gentaro not having parents but that happened way before the series started.  You have this and that drama here and there... to balance the show's otherwise comical nature.  Even a teeny-bopper like Victorious or Zoey 101, both Victoria Justice related, have their non-funny, dramatic moments too.


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