Wishful Thinking: What If Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu Were Shuhuan and Yiping in Romance in the Rain?

They feel like Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua chemistry-wise...

While watching both the 1986 version and 2001 version of Romance in the Rain after watching Meteor Garden, I just thought that Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu would have made a much stronger Shuhuan and Yiping for this reason.

My entire reason would be Jerry Yan has Qin Han's debonair type of appeal, performance and appearance. Although Barbie Xu doesn't look as gorgeous as Liu Xuehua was in her younger days, but the acting of the former was pretty strong in Meteor Garden. I would probably think of possible reactions that could have happened with the character of Yiping. Watching through Qin Han's and Liu Xuehua's performance made me think... DANG! SHUHUAN AND YIPING SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACTED BY JERRY YAN AND BARBIE XU!

This scene also made me think, they could have made a MUCH better Shuhuan and Yiping than Vicki Zhao and Leo Ku

Looking at the scene in Meteor Garden where Shantsai was beaten up and accused unfairly, Daoming Si going near her to help her... so what was the point? I pretty thought that scene looked better than Leo Ku's really bland acting... and Barbie Xu can act better than Vicki Zhao. Maybe, just maybe if Barbie Xu were Yiping, during the whipping scene or the scene where she threatens to reveal Xueqin's dirty secret affair with Guangxiong, we'll see the real wild grass (or panther) Yiping, even with the whipping scene and Barbie has that strong stare that Liu Xuehua had back when she was Yiping in 1986. I would think Barbie Xu was always able to deliver the type of crying scenes Liu Xuehua was able to carry out better than Vicki Zhao.

When Yiping wants to get away from Shuhuan, he grabs her, carries her as she's kicking and screaming, and pins her to a fence.  What a charming boyfriend.
I could imagine this scene being acted by Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu...

Likewise, Jerry Yan would be a much better Shuhuan. Why do I think of that? Looking at how he acted as Daoming Si which is not an easy part, surely he can do Qin Han's version of Shuhuan right? As Shuhuan, Jerry Yan would be able to bring out the character to life... a disturbed character. I could imagine a scene where Jerry Yan reads Barbie Xu's diary, finds out what went on and really gets mad. Then later, during the engagement party, he finds out that Barbie Xu truly loved him and he calls off the engagement. I would think those scenes would have been better done if it were them.

One may also think of the final scene where Shuhuan and Yiping are reunited. Whether they choose to kill Ruping or not, the final scene would have been better with Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu as Shuhuan and Yiping.


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