What I Think Went Wrong with Kamen Rider Faiz

This was one series with an interesting concept and potential but sadly, Toshiki Inoue either burned out or was what I'd call self-indulgent after his Magnum Opus Agito or a bad combination of such factors that led to this disaster.  So what went wrong with Kamen Rider Faiz?  Now I do like some of its elements but here's some factors that made me think the series was so much of a pain to watch:

Another is the "Let's play pass the belt." plot is SO DAMN ANNOYING!  If you ask me how many times do the Faiz, Kaixa and Delta belts keep get PASSED AROUND?!  A lot!  And I mean a lot!  It gets really painful to play the pass the belt game.  And if you ask me, you get one user after the other.  So really what's this show about?  Pass the belt?!

Masato Kusaka!  Yes him!  He's seriously one dickhead of an anti-hero or wait, THERE IS NOTHING HEROIC ABOUT THIS GUY!  He's one racist bastard, he's always being bad and there is nothing likable about him.  So I have no sympathy for his death. =P  Considering Inoue was also Ryuki's co-writer, Masato seems to be the embodiment of every Ryuki douchebag!

Teruo/Orphnoch King is too much of a last minute plot.  This guy was just supplementary plot twist, not a nice plot twist and just a kid?!  Inoue what in the world are you thinking?!   I always thought that Smart Brain's president should have been the final antagonist... and not just add this guy at the last minute.  If Kamen Rider Odin in Ryuki was bad enough, this guy was no better of a plot twist.  Plus, it doesn't help that the finale just had a hanging fate for Smart Brain... and it was just terrible!

And Toshiki Inoue was apparently proud of his work here to the point he made an appearance.  To be honest, I've written some bad work myself and being proud of a disaster you make is really something not worth commending.


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