My Thoughts on Red Dust: My First Qin Han/Brigite Lin Movie

Considering I'm more into contemporary Chinese media, it's really expected from me that I would have some biases. However the film "Red Dust" is a timeless film which for me, I don't mind too much of a remake but having seen it with subs, I have enjoyed it. So here are my thoughts. Qin Han plays the role of a Chinese traitor and Brigitte Lin plays the role of a Chinese novelist. It's a difficult love story considering you have to choose between your country and your love. The film was shown in 1990 while the story happened during World War II.

Watching the film made me think of some mysteries answered. Before watching Qin Han, I was more into Jerry Yan's TV projects. When I saw a more younger Qin Han, I thought he looks like a 70s Jerry Yan. Qin Han's performance in "Red Dust" almost reminded me of how Jerry Yan was in his later career.

I didn't expect to like the film at first. The reasons were obvious... Qin Han is a senior actor and I've only seen him play as parental roles. The first role I'm most familiar with him was in "Cowherd and Weaver Girl" which was a modern remake of an old series. You can tell how time has passed on him. But the younger Qin Han left me with an impression similar to that of a younger Andy Lau.

Qin Han in his own way had his charm in the film. It was not hard for me to call him "Jerry Yan Sr." in watching Qiong Yao classics. The actor himself was suave and debonair, in the way that I am reminded of Jerry Yan in his later roles. The more I see Qin Han, the more I really want him to play as Jerry Yan's father!

On the other hand, Brigitte Lin in her younger days reminds me of why I was fascinated with Liu Yifei as an actress. I even dare assume that Liu Yifei's popularity is due to her rather unintentional "Brigitte Lin-like" appeal.

While Liu Xuehua's younger days reminds me of Barbie Xu-Wang, Brigitte Lin throughout the film just kept reminding me of Liu Yifei. Her charm, her looks and almost everything made me wish she could play as Liu Yifei's on-screen mother. Another, it made me wish that Liu Yifei was paired with Jerry Yan in a film.

I'd also talk about what I thought about the movie. The character focus of Qin Han and Brigitte Lin made me think... what's your choice? Romance or your country? It was a nice plot to follow since in real life, you have that kind of dilemma. The heartbreaking tragedy was a complex one... especially how Brigitte Lin passes through many stages. Later, it really just becomes predictably tragic but not without leaving an impression of really good performance.

Overall, I would recommend the film as a classic that's not only restricted to Qin Han's timeframe but also for those of my generation.


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