My Thoughts on GMA-7 Airing Kamen Rider OOO in the Philippines

Knowing that GMA-7 will be airing Kamen Rider OOO, I'll be expecting some reactions from rival networks.  But first, I'll share my thoughts on this.  I think it's just proper that GMA-7 has decided to show something new after Mischievous Kiss which may be the reason why they are airing Kamen Rider OOO.  Then again, it's doubtful that they will air Gokaiger or any Super Sentai in favor of J-Drama (which is more popular) or Heisei Kamen Rider (which feels more of a Toku Drama).  Now for my thoughts.

I think airing Kamen Rider OOO (as terrible as the dub is, UGH I don't want to watch another dubbed Sentai) is probably going to pump in some fresh blood for imported shows in GMA.  Back then, GMA-7 also aired Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Blade.  Now it made me think that they should STOP re-airing Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho and instead, focus on getting either J-Drama or Heisei Kamen Rider if they want their ratings to go up.

At the same time, I thought this might teach them how to write Tokusatsu should they decide to make another one... to prevent another Zaidorks disaster.  Why is that?  There was really no excuse for GMA-7 to make a disaster like Zaido because prior to Zaido, they were airing Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Blade.  Writers and producers at GMA-7 might want to take special attention of pacing done in Heisei Riders to make a plot relevant if they want to make another Pinoy Toku.  Then again, GMA-7 seems to be more open minded about foreign shows as long as it gets their ratings upward.

Now for other expected reactions that might be real but these are mostly hypothesis:

I would really expect rival networks to react especially that sore loser ABiaS-CBN has some fierce rivalry with GMA.  Now how do I think this will go?  ABiaS-CBN might end up reacting these ways.  Remember ABiaS-CBN is a very biased network in the service of the Aquino.  So the possible retaliations they might have is to either air another Kamen Rider series (they aired Ryuki), Power Rangers (well I could care less about this but people should stop the SS/PR fan wars or this one which is preposterous and just in my mind.  They might end up with another POOR attempt which may become worse than Zaido, create their own "Kamen Rider" called "Pinoy Rider" which will probably be a total disgrace.  The theme of Pinoy Rider will be Pinoy Pride, fight all foreigners to defend the Philippines.  They might even make Daniel Padilla or any loser there, their main hero for Pinoy Rider.

Another possible outcome I am thinking are those stupid ultra-nationalists like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Gabriella, Migraine International, Anak ng Bobo, etc. are going to start their, "Down with Japanese shows, preserve Pinoy superheroes rally."  Why am I saying that?  I would want to throw in my hypothesis on this scenario.  After observing One Direction's long ticket line and the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno press conference and premiere night... it's highly possible that Kamen Rider OOO is going to outdo the ratings of ABiaS-CBN (so they will LIE AGAIN)... because of this possible scenario.

Let's just think for example if ABiaS-CBN were airing its "very own" Kamen Rider which it calls Pinoy Rider a stupid concept I came up with and they intend their "very own" Toku hero to show Pinoys are "da best".  Let's say that Pinoy Rider is a Tokusatsu show that's so badly done- too much fillers, bad acting, unlikable characters, bad acting, bad choreography, mediocre special effects that won't pass the standards for Japanese Tokusatsu, etc. airing alongside Kamen Rider OOO.  Now looking at how Failipino entertainment is doing, it's really, really failing badly.  I mean, let's think of how Rurouni Kenshin's two latest movies beat the box office... to the point I'd say "TAKE THAT FAILIPINO ENTERTAINMENT".  An enlightened Pinoy or a frustrated one is most likely going to end up watching Kamen Rider OOO instead of the stupid Pinoy Rider.

Which of course, it can be safe to assume this.  If the Greeeds were a real bunch of people, they will really take advantage of the greed wars in the Philippines.  After all, I couldn't forget that stupid proposal to remove the rights of Filipinos from bringing books, DVDs and other media from abroad.  Again, I should expect those annoying ultra-nationalists to seek to ban every form of imported media to protect Failipino entertainment.  There's a huge war going on now between enlightened Filipinos vs. Failipinos/FLIPFAGs to dominate the Philippines' rather mixed culture.


  1. inb4 Rider Wars Pinoy ver. -_- (as in ABiaS airs another Rider series in response to Ginagago Mga Audience airing OOO)

    Can't they just wage a literal war against each other instead...? 3:)

  2. Well for real kamen rider fans it doesn't really matter, I thought it's a good move for GMA 7, kamen riders will be known by Filipino children again. Guys thinking too much, not like real fans.

  3. Where can we find more English dubbed episodes?
    All I can find is the beginning of the series.


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