Heisei Era Kamen Riders That Felt Like Nickelodeon Shows For Me!

While watching Kamen Rider of the Heisei Era, I've noticed that shortly after Kamen Rider W, some seasons felt like they were Nickelodeon shows.  Yes the comparison is forced but for some reason, it brings me to that delusion these shows were co-produced by Nickelodeon's Butch Hartman even if there was no way any of the producers here could have done so.

Kamen Rider Kiva- I would dare dub this as the Kamen Rider version of Danny Phantom.  In what way?  For example, you might want to compare the Fangires' lack of scariness to the ghosts that Danny Phantom would fight.  Wataru like Danny has supernatural DNA and human DNA (in Wataru's case he is half-Fangire), he was sired by a moronic father. There's the Fangire hunting agency and Danny Phantom has the ghost hunting agency.  Then you have Bishop Fangire acting as the Vlad Masters of the show but he was reduced to a lower antagonist.

Kamen Rider OOO- After writing the rather questionable (but somewhat enjoyable) comedy of Den-O, this guy comes along as a Kuuga/Agito parody.  Most of the plots sound very cartoony and the hero himself is more of Kappa Mikey than a Kamen Rider.  It was so cartoony to the point that Ankh is a parody of that annoying Masato Kusaka!

Kamen Rider Fourze- Series best described as, "SHEEN DO NOT WEAR THE RIDER BELT!" and you get this season.  Gentaro Kisaragi is almost as stupid as Sheen (but considering this is Toku, he's a bit smarter but still stupid).   I even felt like Kengo Utahoshi is the show's Jimmy Neutron if Gentaro is the show's version of Sheen Estevez.  Plus, it feels like it meets Teen Nick with how the plots usually go in the series, misguided teenagers turning into monsters and the only way to save them is to beat them... fortunately none of them dies.

Kamen Rider Wizard- How do I summarize this now?  Let's see... Timmy Turner says, "I wish I was a Kamen Rider!"  Then poof, Timmy Turner becomes Kamen Rider Wizard, gains magical powers but loses his fairies even forgets about them!  While Kamen Rider Wizard didn't have fairies to help him but you can't deny that like Timmy Turner as an adult, he uses his magic for selfless wishes!


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