ABS-CBN Should Consider Airing Shokojo Seira Instead of Re-Airing the Princess Sarah Anime

After hearing that ABS-CBN better called ABiaS-CBN wants to re-air the Princess Sarah Anime (because maybe Failipino entertainment is failing?!), it made me think don't they have better ideas? I mean it's time to MOVE ON. And I was thinking with J-Drama being more popular than Tokusatsu, why don't they just decide to air Shokojo Seira then look for more J-Drama, C-Drama and K-Drama once its broadcast is finished? Wait, I guess they are all too hungry for ratings aren't they?

I know Princess Sarah the Anime had its moments but they should realize this... ALL THE KIDS HAVE GROWN UP!!!! Not so many new generation kids may click with it. On the other hand, Shokojo Seira is a modern take of the original story... showing how a localization of any foreign story should be done. If they do try to watch Shokojo Seira, they might try to copy some tips on how Pinoy entertainment should be done to avoid it from becoming Failipino entertainment. They can take a look at how professional it is... but I guess they are too chicken huh?

Considering Princess Sarah is aired for 54 minutes, there are ten episodes. For airing with ABiaS-CBN, they can air it as 20 episodes. I mean, Meteor Garden was aired in ABiaS-CBN for around 23 minutes or less depending on how much commercials they put. And for one, they can have a 20 episode run of Shokoji Seira. The old format may not appeal to younger kids... and they can air this during Saturday Mornings like they did with some Power Rangers series, Anime series and for one, ABiaS-CBN it is ALREADY TIME YOU STOP OVERLY SHOWING THE SAME SHOWS OVER AND OVER AGAIN... YOU MUST GET NEW SHOWS ALREADY!

Really ABS-CBN or should I say ABiaS-CBN are you too out of ideas or are you just plain lazy?! And it's better called A Biased Stupid Corporation Broadcasting Nonsense which is just in the service of the Aquino. Maybe Ginago Mga Audience might find itself better to air this J-Drama instead huh?


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