Why Zhen Xiu Zhen is the Best Kaede Doumyoji!

While I was kind of disappointed at how Kaga Mariko or Lee Hye Hyong, I think Zhen Xiu Zhen delivered one awesome performance in Meteor Garden as Dao Ming Feng otherwise known as Kaede Doumyoji to the Japanese audience.  Now what makes her special?  I would admit that while I'm not that well-acquainted with her younger years but hearing that she's played protagonist roles in the past, I guess that gave her the edge considering she usually played the good girl roles before she became the mean mom in Meteor Garden.

So what did I think about the performance of the actress?  When the character first enters the story, the actress brings the mean villain to life.  The actress could speak the loud, demanding voice of the villain, better than the Anime voice actress Mika Ito.  She made the Anime version look like a sissy!  And if Zhen Xiu Zhen were acting as a villain in kung fu movies, she would be similar to Atsuko Takahata in playing villainous roles in Tokusatsu.  And I would say, I wanted to kill her character one too many times thanks to the awesome work of the actress!

The birthday party episode isn't the only scene where the actress shows how she can make the character so scary and hateful.  Every scene she's in, she basically steals the spotlight because... she is one freaking awesome actress.  It was too bad that Meteor Garden I wasn't able to use her at full that time.  Fortunately Meteor Garden II managed to let the actress stay for some time, make the bitch come to life again, and Zhen Xiu Zhen managed to maintain the scary nature of the character.  And honestly, I would really love to see her again as an antagonist!


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