Understanding the Love Polygon and Romances of "Next Stop: Happiness"

Next Stop: Happiness was a complex series, sometimes I can't even get over why Addie's character Mu Cheng keeps hiding the truth from her illegitimate son who is years later, reunited with his father. On the other hand, the show itself has one long complex maze of relationships which can be seen in these situations.

The main couple is lawyer Ren Guangxi and the bento girl Liang Mucheng.  But this attraction is not without its few complications.  In the beginning, we get to understand Liang Mucheng has attracted the attention of Guangxi the arrogant law student, Tuoye her childhood friend who likes her so much and not to mention her foster father/uncle by marriage who was a pedophile.  As you see, Mucheng was living with her stepmother/auntie (her mom's sister) who married her uncle by marriage after her biological father died.  It was a complex relationship to where her uncle by marriage had developed a nominal incestuous lust after her, resulting to her frequent harassment.  During that time, she was starting to fall for Guangxi.

For Guangxi, his only love is not his prior unrequited love that is Mucheng.  He is also liked by his Yiqian who later becomes his ex-fiance.  This starts to play a little bit more after six years.  For Guangxi, Mucheng has withheld the truth about their only son Xiaole.  I do feel sorry for Tuoye who has been in love with Mucheng and she never returned the feelings.  She's been prone to chronic lying, making up stories to her son because she probably still held feelings for the father's child.  She was hurt to learn about the fact Guangxi was engaged to Yiqian.  When Guangxi's true feelings came out, Yiqian voluntarily agrees to end her relationship with Guangxi.  At least, Yiqian isn't a bitchy fiance like in most dramas.  In fact, she's far more tolerable than Mucheng who became a chronic liar.
For Guangxi, he also has the affections of a former unrequited lover who had several divorces.  I do find her awfully disgusting to how she tries to separate Guangxi and Mucheng.  I know I've had problems with Mucheng's secretive personality, but I've also had problems with Guangxi's temper.  This of course, Mucheng's being distrustful was a result of her foster father/uncle by marriage's lust after her, which this guy nearly killed Guangxi.  Guangxi was nearly dead.  Oh boy... that scene really had an impact!  And I also thought of the scenes that would ultimately reveal another love triangle that was may hidden.

It was between Guangxi's mom who goes from being a mean bitch and softens up as the series goes on.  It was perhaps of her grandson's existence that made her change or not.  Guangxi's mom had soon admitted about why his father committed suicide.  Guangxi's father had an affair with a student, which was later caught by Guangxi's mother.  Guangxi's mother admitted that she didn't want to tell her son the real son.  Guangxi blamed his mom for his dad's death, only to realize that his dad ended his life at his own free will because he was caught in his scandalous affair.

In the later parts when Guangxi was having another bad relationship, one can see Tuoye come in again.  Tuoye had soon revealed everything that Guangxi needed to know.  At the same time, Tuoye developed feelings for Cixin who is his informally adoptive sister.  Guangxi was willing to let Mucheng go, only to realize Mucheng still had feelings for him all these years.  So I do hope that their reconciliation had cured Mucheng's chronic lying and Guangxi's bad temper.


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