Movie Review: Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen... this was the first movie Jerry Yan appeared in with major stars like Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Nicholas Cheung and Maggie Quigley as the center characters while it had Stephen Fung as a minor character.  The story revolves Sammi Cheng who is Yau the main character who is said that her family suffers from a curse, causing their family to be left by men.  Yau's problems began when she dated Cheun Yao (acted by Andy Lau) who was her ex-boyfriend.  

So I thought this was the first time I saw Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng act as a couple, the next was in the movie Internal Affairs where Sammi Cheng was Andy Lau's wife.  After the relationship between Yau and Chuen Yao never worked, he left without a word rather than break up with her formally.  Later we see Chuen Yao dating May who is better looking and younger than his ex-girlfriend Yau.  To be honest, I do feel sorry for Yau's family troubles and how things can go from bad to worse.

Here comes Jerry Yan's character as Ho.  I personally felt sorry for Ho that he was having a crush on his boss for some time, he's so jealous of Chuen Yao.  He becomes the obedient slave of Yau which for me, he was really in love.  For Yau I kind of feel sorry she's surrounded by fair-weathered friends. For example for that so-called food poisoning incident, I really wanted to ring out the neck of her friends.  Chuen Yao, Kwai (Nicholas Cheung) and others just piss her off.  Fortunately Ho is really a gentleman and helps her out one way or another.
My problem with the film was that Jerry Yan's role as Ho wasn't so elaborated.  What we know is that Yau was born out of wedlock between a seaman and her mother.  Her mother told the story of the curse of the Auyong and Muyong, which the Muyong females will be left behind by males.  It was curse that Yau thought was real considering her literally stormy relationship with Ho, which one way or another, he could have at least broke up with her formally.  He returns only to take her for granted.  Ho was one to be the silent protector of Yau, standing up for her and all.  Which of course, I thought that Chuen Yao is a real chauvinistic male, either way.

In the film's case, I also thought about how Chuen Yao's relationship with May was sort of him just showing off with his trophy girl.  I was thinking Maggie Quigley is I think 18 years younger than Andy Lau.  In the film, May might be even younger though her age was never specified.  But it really results to one heck of a backfire.  Kwai who was dating someone else slept with May for hte heck of it.  I thought it really was a serious backfire for Chuen Yao's promiscuous behavior.  As said, you reap what you sow and Chuen Yao got it.

In the case of  Yau and Ho, it was interesting how it turns out (or not) that Ho was actually an Auyong.  Which according to the curse, the cooking abilities must be given back.  But what turns out to be is that, both Yau and Ho won the competition. So the whole Auyong/Muyong curse was a huge lie given by Yau's mother.  Kind of reminds me of how crazy parenting can be, even to the point that Yau got anorexic.  In the end, Ho got the girl.

My rating?  7/10.  It's not bad but there are other better movies out there.  You might as well watch "Ripples of Desire" if you are looking for a better Jerry Yan film.


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