Kamen Rider Ouja: Why I Think He Makes Shadow Moon Look Bad!

Move over Shadow Moon, now here's the REAL first willingly evil Kamen Rider!

From the Heisei era of Kamen Rider, I started to miss the idea of having an evil Rider so glad that Kamen Rider Ryuki created THIS particular evil Rider.  If Agito's Gills was just feral, Another Agito was an anti-hero... this one is willingly evil compared to Sunshine Moon errrr.... Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider Black .  So what's the deal with this guy, Kamen Rider Ouja?

Takeshi Asakura is that sadistic, cunning guy who you would be afraid to be with.  Come on, he was only 13 and YET he freakishly kills his whole family in a fire though his younger brother survived, he killed him too.  He's one evil, sadistic killer that had to be contained.  Like Radiguet in Jetman, he apparently has no remorse for any killings he's done and takes pleasure in them.  He had to be incarcerated because of his actions, though I prefer the law should really execute him for a string of crimes he's committed.  And I'm glad he's no victim of the "Toku injustice" that happened to Bilgenia way back in Kamen Rider Black.  He gets to become that insane killer with a potential.

Like Bilgenia, he was a ticking time bomb that was about to be unleashed and was unleashed.  Shiro Kanzaki gave him the Venosnaker Card, which made him that dangerous villain known as Kamen Rider Ouja.  He's always been up to his killing sprees, manipulating people (he even killed Jun Shibaura/Kamen Rider Gai after pretending to be allies with him) and he had a cunning mind you can't easily read.  Many times you capture him, he tends to come up with a good plan to kill you or what. I would imagine if he met the Gorgom priests, he would probably criticize them and troll them like Bilgenia does.  And I even want to imagine him as what if Bilgenia got that Kingstone and became a Kamen Rider with how menacing and scary he can get.

In terms of murder, I just can't forgive how he killed Miyuki/Raia, double-crossing Jun/Gai (he was an interesting villain but I guess the actor either had a contract to just appear for five episodes), finishing off Mitsuru/Imperer behind the scenes and you know... even manipulated a kid into luring out Mirror Monsters at the expense of others.  I was thinking this guy may have even risen up the already dark nature of Ryuki to the point executives may have meddled in already.  Besides, he should have stayed dead but sad to say thanks to Ryuki's stupid ending that makes Inoue's endings look good, he is still out there and may cause harm again even without his Rider powers.


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