Just Some Important Stuff for This Blog

For some time, I was thinking this blog has been empty, I ran out of ideas and ended up stealing ideas  from others in the process (Sorry, sorry...).  I just didn't figure out I still had some gold nuggets left unused in my closet, figuratively speaking.  So I just thought I might do some reviews on these.

For movies, I would probably need to rewatch the following since I haven't done any reviews yet on these films but I'll just do them one by one, no guarantee I can write them all, I might just do one review a week or two considering my mind is already jumbled up and needs to sort things out:

  • The Banquet
  • Little Big Soldier
  • The Legend
  • The Storm Warriors
  • The Sniper
  • Chinese Ghost Story (remake starring Liu Yi Fei)
  • Black Ransom
  • Twins Mission
  • The Promise
  • Initial D
  • Scripture With No Words
  • The Unusual Youth
  • Magic Kitchen
  • Sky of Love
  • Death Note 
  • Death Note: The Last Name
  • The Empress and Her Warriors
  • Kung Fu Fighter
  • Rob B' Hood 

  • Love Story in Harvard
  • Le Robe 
  • Bambino
  • IRIS
  • Delicious Relationships


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