A Look at Forbidden Love's Romances

Kim Tae-hee in Forbidden Love, aka Fox with Nine Tails
A nice way to end your life indeed...

Forbidden Love's central story is between a Gumiho (acted by Kim Tae Hee) who falls for a human being and vice versa.  So here are the romances in Forbidden Love to be analyzed.  The central love triangle is focused on the leading lady Shi Yeon, her Gumiho lover Moo Young and her human lover Min Woo.  What I love about this 16 episode Korean drama is the central love story.  So while I do prefer love polygons over central love triangles, but the romances are pretty interesting especially with how Min Woo learns that some humans are worse than the Gumiho they are fighting.

For Moo Young, he has been long in love with Shi Yeon.  For Shi Yeon, she has fallen for the human being Min Woo who is trying to find the source of the killings done.  He first suspects that the murders were done by a human organ trafficking trade but later figures out that it's done by the Gumiho.  The Gumiho unlike the vampires can walk in broad daylight and they aren't the best type of people to be with.  In her case, she has been orphaned at a young age and it was done by a human, which leads to a star-crossed romance.

What I like about the romance between Shi Yeon and Min Woo is that unlike the cliche where a supernatural being disguises herself as a beautiful woman to ensnare men, she falls in love with who should be her victim.  Just think of vampires falling for humans whose blood they are supposed to drink.  This also leads to problems especially when her lover Moo Young reminds her of her place.  Their chieftain at the same time, also reminds her of her place.  For Gumihos, falling in love with a human was a crime.  For a human, it's the same.  Both sides are capable of being just as evil as the other, no questions asked.  It's basically a fight against destiny and being on the losing side.

While it is predictable that Min Woo will never be with Shi Yeon, because well the title says it all but it is so well-written, it's still worth a watch.  However it does explore the discovery that Min Woo finds out how humanity can be worse than the Gumiho and vice-versa.  At first, Shi Yeon gets hesitant about his feelings for Shi Yeon after discovering she is a Gumiho.  This one leads to the ultimate fate in the end.  For Shi Yeon, out of her love for Min Woo and the fact they can't be together, ultimately killed herself in the end as she was unable to accept her fate.


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