Kamen Rider Kiva's Romance Plots

While I can enjoy Kamen Rider Kiva, I also would like to say I felt like that it had some weird romance plots at the same time.  Toshiki Inoue kind of like writing romance plots.  Faiz and Agito didn't have much of it (but the whole so-called attraction at the end of Agito felt stupid)... now here's where most of his strange sense of humor KICKS IN:

Men caught in between two or more women:

The main protagonist Wataru is caught in between Shizuka who agrees to be his "mother" and Mio.  Aside from his love triangle with his maternal half-brother Taiga over Mio, Shizuka does have a crush on him.  Shizuka did get jealous when she thought that Megumi had a liking on Wataru which wasn't existent.

For women caught between two or more lovers:

Maaya who exists in the past and the future was once married the Fangire King of 1986.  It was a loveless marriage (?) and one may consider the whole marriage a marriage of convenience. She bore the Fangire King one son named Taiga.  However during that time, she also fell for another man who was the Fangire Hunter, Otoya.  She became the mother of Wataru with Otoya. The adulterous affair resulted to the birth of the hero Wataru Kurenai.  She was ostracized from Fangire society as a result.  She was once who killed Fangires for loving humans, fell for a human herself.

Yuri Aso is Megumi's mother.  She had two lovers namely Otoya (who she disliked) and the other was the wolf creature Jiro, though she did also have Spider Fangire as a lover which the lust was carried on over to her daughter Megumi.  She wasn't aware of Jiro's true identity back then and that Jiro wanted her to be used to restart his race a la Adam and Eve.  However her plot was not merely limited ot her, she would also be in a love triangle for Otoya when Otoya fell for Maya the Fangire Queen.  How she died and who Megumi's father is, is never known.

Mio is another though she also gets into a love triangle with Shizuka for Wataru.  In her case, it's history repeating itself. She would be the Queen of 2008, she is destined to marry Taiga, who is Wataru's half-brother on his mother side.  Like their fathers before them, Taiga and Wataru are also entangled with a love triangle for a woman.  I just thought I had little or no sympathy for Mio's death.  I mean, she even asked Wataru to kill his maternal-half brother so they can be together.  Ugh.  Inoue, what are you thinking?  I even end up viewing her as Paulina Sanchez, Wataru as Danny Phantom and Taiga as Dash in the situation, given more drama for a lighter and softer series.  So it's pretty forced but I ended up writing Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom to make fun of Kamen Rider Kiva's silly nature.

Human/Fangire attractions aside from Otoya and Maya:

Ryo Itoya is another.  Assuming he is real, he might be following my celebrities blog and commenting "Mai waifu" to every Nana Yanagisawa post I make!  What makes him freaky is how he was attracted to Yuri Aso in 1986 and later in 2008, he freaking has a crush on Yuri's daughter Megumi.  Seriously, it's a sick thing to think how he changed his affections from mother to daughter!

Shinji Takeuchi/Bear Fangire had a touching love story with a human woman he was married for some time.  He saw her dying in 2008 and was unable to save her.

The absurd wrap-up:

Yes Nago and Megumi.  I dunno why Inoue even made faulty foreshadows for them in the first place.  Unlike Ryu and Kaori, where Kaori did develop feelings for Ryu, and it was more possible but this?!  I know there's some foreshadowing like when Watarn mentioned Nago as Megumi's ideal man BUT the rest of it is STUPID.  I mean, Inoue could have just left them as a joke but no, he had to wrap it up for a scene he probably thought was very funny.  While I DID laugh at the finale's absurdity but I can't help but think whether or not Inoue was on drugs when he wrote Kamen Rider Kiva!


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