Early Thoughts on Kamen Rider Gaim

Now here's my latest viewing aside from "Mischievous Kiss" which I am slowed down on it, here's something that keeps me interested is Kamen Rider Gaim.  At first, I have my biases on how silly it seems but I am starting to get interested.  So here's what I think about it- nothing wrong with recycling ideas, sometimes some ideas were great but fail the first time.  And plus, I have to avoid my pretending to hate Naomi Takebe already.  It's getting old.

Right now I'm just eight episodes and I say I'm liking where it's going.  I can't really analyze much of it since I hardly know Gen Urobuchi.  Kouta and his fellow members at Team Gaim for me, are really a great set of protagonists.  They have their battles in the Inves games, which are established by Yggsdrassil Corporation which is the show's main enemy organization.  And I am also introduced to Pierre Oren the artist/fighter villain who I think can go from annoying because he's a braggart to funny.

Too bad I am still finishing a project but I'm looking forward to finishing this series.  I'll probably update when I'm not so busy.  Janne!


  1. All I have to say is that series will take you by surprise and when you look back at these episodes they look much better than after your first viewing.

  2. Like what I said about Gaim, if anyone will just forego the fruit theme and actually watch it, they're in for a BIg surprise... ;)

    And it actually got me to want to watch Madoka as well...


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