What's Wrong with Pinoy Drama Compared to Chinese, Japanese and Korean Drama?

With the ongoing proposal to ban Koreanovelas and the like from the Philippines and protect Pinoy garbage, one might really consider what's wrong with Pinoy Drama.  Here are some that I can name and what I can learn as I progress and learn from my mistakes as well:

1.) The protagonists tend to encourage rebellion and the idea that the poor are always oppressed and worth pitying even if it's not always true.  On the other hand, you might see in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean drama that though they may be blinded by revenge or rebellion at first, they do see through their mistakes and start to become better persons.

2.) The antagonists on the other hand seem to be very trim and proper, always rich and are always pictured with the misconception that wealth is evil (by the Pinoy leftists).  I was thinking that many of the protagonists are always pictured to be dignified villains all the time rather than a mix of different protagonists.

3.) Over-extension of the story for the sake of rating then it gets no proper ending after that.  As if they have not learned from the mistakes of foreign shows that lost quality because of that.  And as a result, you have it full of useless fillers which corrode the story.  Most of the time it goes to ridiculous lengths like Mula sa Puso was for three years and no proper ending.

4.) They typical poor bad boy and rich girl plots.  Really why even encourage that?  A poor good boy and rich girl plot is always a more welcome thing than the former.  I mean, why should any girl rich or poor go for bad boy types who have very bad sources of income or almost no income at all?

5.) Encouraging overacting is pretty much prevalent.  From Kris Aquino to you might also name others it's the norm to really overact huh?  When a Filipino actor/actress acts properly, it seems they are frowned at and if they overact, they get praises for an Oscar.

6.) Really bad soundtrack.  Not that all Filipino-produced music is bad, some Filipinos stand out in music but hardly are the good ones recognized in their country.  I mean I might want to make a wild guess some of my favorite Chinese or Japanese drama may have composers from the Philippines who are sadly not recognized in their birth country!

7.) Mediocre special effects- And you want to bring all their stupid fantaserye abroad?  Man their special effects are worse than that of a kid's show!

If you can name more, name more!


  1. Hmm, let's see: They tend to get actors/actresses who are only good-looking yet have little acting skills; the plots are almost always recycled (someone told me that our drama is still stuck in the 1950's); and in the case of fantaseryes, the action almost always sucks (glares at Zaido)...

    Anyhow, glad to see you speaking out against Pinoy dramas... :)

  2. Speaking of which, someone should make a study about the negative effects of Pinoy dramas to people... XD


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