My Fantasy Hana Yori Dango Cast Using Mostly Tokusatsu Cast!

I wasn't so happy about Hana Yori Dango's cast (except for Mao Inoue) so what if we used Tokusatsu cast members?  Wild imagination but here's my dream cast at least to go in par with F4 with mostly my favorites:

Emi Takei as Tsukushi Makino- I don't see any reason why she and Tori Matsuzaka can't be paired again!  If she can be Kaoru Kamiya in Rurouni Kenshin so why not as Makino Tsukushi?  She may not be as great as Barbie Xu but the role should probably shape her up for future roles.

Tori Matsuzaka for Doumyoji Tsukasa- I think he can really kick serious ass!  I thought he can beat Jun Matsumoto and he in his later roles, can deliver a fierce character.  So yeah, he and Emi Takei as Tsukasa and Tsukushi could be really a blast.

Yasuka Saito as Soujiro Mimasaka- I think he can pull off a womanizing role as well as Toshihide Wakamatsu can.  After all, he did pull quite a performance in Boukenger.

Yuki Yamada as Akira Mimasaka- He does look like Vanness Wu!

Hiroki Aiba as Rui Hanazawa- I thought this could work!

Junya Ikeda as Kazuya Aoike- Well for laughs, he can definitely pull it!  He can play as Makino's best friend and admirer who learns to let go of her.

Rin Takanashi as Shigeru Oowahara- Well I wanted to cast her as Shizuka or any of the bad girls but... I guess I might make her Doumyoji's fiance instead.  I'll probably make this version more feminine than her tomboy version in the Manga/Anime (the version of Natsuki Kato was more feminine) as to intensify the reasons why Makino starts to feel insecure.  Despite her being "much better", Tsukasa always chooses Tsukushi!

Erina Nakayama as Yuki Matsuoka- She has the sweet charm like Rainie Yang.  I would have wanted Rika Sato but she's probably gone somewhere already, off the radar and may have possibly even married already.  So she can fill that spot to play the bubbly and innocent Yuki.

Nao Nagasawa as Tsubaki Doumyoji- Well I don't see any reason why she can't play the role.  Okay she's just gotten married but I don't think that's an obstacle to her playing the character I want her to play. I was thinking it would be fun to see her as a badass older sister..

Haruka Suenaga as Shizuka Todou- I guess she can do for the elegant Shizuka Todou.

Atsuko Takahata as Kaede Doumyoji- What if you had this woman play the part of the antagonist?  Her roles in Janperson, Black RX and Juspion are well oh so convincing and scary!  Hmmm she could deliver a really scary performance you might remember her days when she was Reiko Ayanokouji in Janperson!


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