Meteor Garden and Elements in It You Can Relate to the Philippine Setting

Knowing that Meteor Garden is currently airing at ABS-CBN, I think this article could also be an eye opener to Pinoys as well.  Now for what we can see as reality shown that is also very rampant in the Philippines:

The F4- You can have them represent four top Filipino-Chinese who belong to prominent families.  Dao Ming Si can be your frustrated rich guy because of bad parents, Hua Tze Lei can be your humble rich guy, Ximen and Meizuo are playboys.

Shan Tsai's parents- These guys are very common in the Philippines.  They have lack of money yet they spend it like it's always there.  They think that the only way to escape from poverty is through the Cinderella mentality.  You can see them not valuing time at all or Shan Tsai's father is a very irresponsible person who is always late for work.  They always think they are entitled to everything and have their own victim card mentality as well.

The heroine Shan Tsai is the awakened Filipina.  Rather than having delusions of grandeur like her stupid parents, she decides to be realistic and for that, she is scorned.  She later ends up in a "forbidden relationship" with Dao Ming Si and she can be viewed as the Filipina woman with a Filipino-Chinese boyfriend.

Baihe and Qianhui represents the stereotypical, materialistic spendthrift Pinays who will do anything for money even throw their values out of the window.  You can think of how they scorn Shan Tsai because she isn't "like them" like how every Pinay scorns the awakened Filipina.  In fact, they are damn bitches that you can see frequently a lot in many places in the Philippines.

The arrogant Filipino-Chinese matriarch.  Dao Ming Feng is one nasty bitch who can be very mean.


  1. It was fun to reminisce how I was hooked 10 years ago, though I couldn’t tell every episode in details but yes I’d say I was a Meteor Garden fan. It feels great that the said Taiwan series with the famous F4 and Shan Cai is finally back on Philippine TV. This is one series the teens these days would surely love to watch. I am glad to find someone who likes Meteor Garden too! =) Cheers for the repeat hehe!

  2. I am a Meteor Garden Fanatic since 10 years ago and until now! I feel like 10 years younger because it's aired again on ABS-CBN. The Meteor Garden F4 are still cuties btw. Cheers! :)

  3. Good article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some of your journey with us.
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