I Want to Watch Princess Pearl Next!

A screenshot from the TV series Princess Pearl showing three young women
Well I do have my research to work on so don't expect much updates from me.  Next week and more I'll be pretty busy so yeah, my blogs won't be as updated as they used to since I'm trying to meet a deadline for my research work.  On the other hand, here's my planned watching of Qiong Yao's heartwarming story Princess Pearl where Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin are set in ancient China in the heartwarming drama known as Princess Pearl.  It has three seasons but I might watch the first season after I'm done.  Here's a basic introduction from the Manga Book Shelf.

On the other hand I'm already overly reminded of my former crush back then who looked like Vicki Zhao but she wasn't Chinese but a Filipino woman who has Spanish and well Chinese descent (she was 1/4 Chinese after all).  I would admit it was a short term infatuation not meant to be.  She like Vicki Zhao married a Singaporean businessman... COINCIDENCE?!  Speaking of Vicki Zhao, she is one of my favorite leading ladies.  My crush on a girl who looks like her came first before I started to watch Vicki Zhao's movies.

For TV dramas, they are so full of cliffhangers you're tempted to watch it straight.  Considering I have a deadline to meet and my paper only got approved quite late due to circumstances, I really will be off for awhile in doing reviews.  I might write in my personal blog weekly to express some concern.  But then, I'll be pretty busy on something important to help me get my graduate school degree!

On the other hand, I need somebody to help me seize a copy of this drama after I'm done with my project!


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