Differences Between the 1986 Version and the 2001 Version

Romance in the Rain is a huge remake from the 1986 version Love in the Rain.  I had done some research to compare both versions which shows, despite that both shows make you cry buckets of tears, you could see some differences like:

The setting- The 1986 version was set in 1960s Taiwan or earlier.  Here Zhenhua had retired from duty and had eight ex-wives.  In the 2001 version, it's set in 1930s China which later transitions into World War 2.  I thought the 2001 setting made a little more sense.

The tragedies that were averted for the 2001 version:

  • Mengping's tragedy.  In the 1986 she does remain a bitch but in the 2001, after her tragedy she became a better person caring for other children.
  • The Lus after losing their wealth had these changes:  
    • While Ruping killed herself in the 1986 version, in here she was about to and she ran off, but she decided to become a nurse with a death wish to die honorably instead.  In short, Dufei doesn't cry over Ruping but rather, he gets her at the end in an awkward battlefield wedding.
    • Shuhuan in the 2001 version didn't ask for a breakup with Yiping since Ruping didn't kill herself.  Ruping grew to accept that she can't have Shuhuan and found Dufei is the man for her.

Similar yet different:
  • Lu Zhenhua's death.  In the 1986 version he died of sickness.  In the 2001 version, he died after being mortally wounded fighting off a Japanese soldier where later Ruping discovers her father had died in battle from Dufei.
  • On Xueqin's final scenes in the 2001 version, after her boyfriend Wei Guangxiong got arrested by the authorities and she turnd herself in, she doesn't get a scene where she is visited at all.  Maybe they did film it but it was cut off since they can't fit it in.
  • Mengping's abortion had some minor changes.  In the 1986 her boyfriend stood by her even if she's now sterile.  In the 2001 version, she started caring for orphans since the Lu Mansion was changed into an orphanage.


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