Yasuko Kobayashi and Her Kamen Rider Finales

Yasuko Kobayashi, well she's probably still well-loved and hasn't reached the status of "public enemy numero uno" even for some of her lackluster works which IMO are Kamen Rider Den-O and Gobusters (but I'd watch it any day over Kamen Rider Faiz), now she's known for wrapping up her endings in a satisfying manner or two, passable to plain bad.  Now let's see...

First you have her first headwriting job with Kamen Rider Ryuki.  This show was full of conflict and drama about Riders who fight to get their one specific wish granted.  However as intense as the finale arc as it started with all the deaths and drama, I just DID NOT expect this to happen.  After the realization of Renn that Shinji was his best friend, what does she do?  She literally throws away character development when Yui dies, time is brought back to place and here's what- the Rider War never happened and ALL character development is thrown out of the window when time is restarted and all the participants of the Rider War are resurrected except a few didn't show up.  Clearly not the best way to write an ending to the point it makes Toshiki Inoue's finale of Jetman, Faiz and Hibiki look better.  Compared to her bittersweet ending in Timeranger, this one really had me surprised why she even wrote this kind of ending in the first place.

For Kamen Rider Den-O, you should consider the ending itself was a pretty strong finale arc.  The final villain Kai and the Death Imagin show up which could spell the end of our era.  Pretty much, was Kobayashi trying to improve Agito's finale? I just had a thought that this could have spelled the end of humanity within itself.  After that, Kai fades away and the heroes from the future leave.  So pretty much, this was probably a messy final battle but still pretty passable.  Nobody gets pointlessly killed, no character development is thrown out of the window and you get a better ending.  But still, you can't deny it was a mess.

Kamen Rider OOO itself had another finale which might be "trying to improve" Agito's ending.  So again Kobayashi as we know it likes to recycle certain ideas and add her own twists.  In the finale arc, Dr. Maki is planning to bring the end of the world as we know it.  After the other Greeed are destroyed, Dr. Maki starts a process that could shatter humanity as we know it.  Unlike Agito's rather systematic killing of people born under certain signs, Dr. Maki seeks to do it altogether in his plan to end everything.  After a rather HUGE JUMP done by OOO using the Red Core Medals, he and Ankh both defeat the final villain with one desperate hit which also sacrifices Ankh in the process.  Now no huge time jump is done, Eiji is reunited with everyone after the battle and not left with the suspense that Inoue had in Agito.  After that, we see something quite similar to Agito's ending- an epilogue.  So we learn OOO travels the world to help people (does that remind you of Yuusuke Godai?) and well later Ankh travels with him.


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