Why I Think Yasuko Kobayashi Could Have Been Better for Kamen Rider Hibiki's Second Half

I was thinking about how Toshiki Inoue wrote stuff.  So maybe he brought conflict to Hibiki but looks like the Shirakura/Inoue tandem isn't that good. Looking at how Hibiki was under Inoue's writing its second half it did suffer some problems like adding that annoying jerk who really irritates everyone.  Well she has more similarities to Inoue than differences but here's where she stands out over Toshiki Inoue are the following:

Doucebag protagonists in her shows.  Maybe you saw Kamen Rider Ryuki which came before Kamen Rider Faiz.  You had to face Shinji, Renn and Shuichi but none of them can annoy you like Masato in Faiz.  I don't think that annoying kid Kiriya would be that annoying.  Looking at her writing the douches, they are not all that annoying compared to those in Kamen Rider Faiz.

In Super Sentai, most of Yasuko Kobayashi's finale arcs are pretty well-written to passable most of the time compared to Inoue's in the long run. Okay she wrote that really stupid Ryuki finale which makes Inoue's bad finales look good but let's face it- she doesn't give you all that silly "shock value" like a teammate dying and the other heroes don't notice about it.  Most of the time, she really gets the heroes to kick most of the villain butt.  I guess she might even make Asumu really cling to his dream rather than a "last minute change" that Inoue did and she might get the Makamou beaten up for good.

Just my two cents. =P


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