Some Showa Era Kamen Rider Fans Are Too STUCK UP to Check Out the Heisei Era Kamen Riders!

With the upcoming movie of Showa Riders vs. Heisei Riders, I think there is really the deal of fantard wars even among Kamen Rider fans.  We have Kamen Rider fantards and Super Sentai fantards (who might also have Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai but hate Kamen Rider) then even among Kamen Rider fans, there are some who really can't accept the changes the Heisei era underwent.  

During the Showa era, well you have to admit that some fans were too stuck on the ideas of the late Shotaro Ishinomori and his writers.  For one, the whole Kamen Rider of the Showa had a different formula.  It followed the standard of one monster a week rather than the standard two episode arc, villain organizations that made rather complicated and seldom REALLY STUPID plans to conquer the world like Super Sentai villains and well it just didn't really draw a difference line between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai in terms of differences.  Except here, "One main hero, Sentai has at least three-five main heroes and later an additional hero is added".  Well this is another yet fan wars.  For one, well I did mention Kamen Rider Black RX was the last Showa era series to appear on TV, it wrapped up the Showa era in a mixed way.  I did like the appearance of the 10 senior riders though sadly, they were never out of suit also considering Riderman's actor had died by then.  I did like Black RX and still enjoy it today (but not as much as Black).  Now for the Heisei era, there were a lot of changes which contrasted it from the Showa era.

The Heisei era had a lot of changes.  Kuuga was the start of the change and Agito was like its "second half" which was Inoue's greatest work before he failed at Faiz and later had passable to poor attempts in comedy.  I'll be honest to admit I didn't immediately accept the changes like the two episode arc per monster (I found that dragging at first), a lot of cliffhanger episodes, you can also see the villain changes that gone are the days of their making convoluted plans to take over the world, villains started to operate more like sci-fi drama villains and you name it- Kamen Rider today feels like TV drama mixed with Tokusatsu.  I didn't immediately accept that but my love for J-Drama and C-Drama eventually made me embrace it.  On the other hand, those who don't like sci-fi TV drama may have a bigger tendency to reject it.

Which in fact some Showa Kamen Rider fans might say, "RIP Kamen Rider" ever since the rise of Heisei saying that it's no longer the same Kamen Rider with Shotaro Ishinomori.  Come on, they really need to move on and check out new stuff.  I felt that way too but I learned to move on.  Even my mother had enjoyed Kamen Rider Ryuki even if it felt way different from her childhood Kamen Rider which was the first Kamen Rider.

I was exactly thinking maybe a meme of any Showa Kamen Rider actor to describe the stuck up fans might label it as, "ME JUST STUCK WITH THE SHOWA ERA  KAMEN RIDERS?  I'M NOT A STUCK UP TOKUSATSU ACTOR."


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