Should Qiong Yao Consider Getting More of Her Works Remade?

In the case of Chiung Yao, I was thinking should more of her works get remade for a younger audience?  Most of those who were familiar with her work were usually fans of classic oldies like Qin Han, Brigitte Lin, Liu Xue Hua, Joan Lin and Charlie Chin to name a few.  If I'm really familiar with any of the classic Qiong Yao stars, I'd say the most familiar I am with is Liu Xue Hua considering I've seen her in contemporary drama acting as an important elder or parent.  Last decade she had Ruby Lin, Alec Su, Leo Ku, Alex Fong, Fan Bing Bing (who was later paired with Vic Chou for the Qiong Yao type series Last Night of Madame Chin which was written by Pai Hsuen Yung who might have been good friends with Qiong Yao) and my favorite Vicki Zhao to name a few.

What was known was that according to an auntie of mine (at least) since he's 67 or something and has watched a lot of those Qin Han dramas where he was frequently paired with Liu Xue Hua as well as seen those films where Qin Han was paired with Brigitte Lin (and I haven't seen them), they are usually very weepy.  You could consider comparing Yan Yu Meng Meng's adaptation in 1986 which was way more tragic than the one in 2001.  So far there's melodramatic plotlines and buckets of buckets of tears per episode.  Yup, even Yan Yu Meng Meng's 2001 remake was still full of tears even if Ruping changed her mind about suicide or that Mengping overcame her tragedy or that Shuhuan returned to Yiping.

Maybe Qiong Yao could try to secure Vic Chou for some shows seeing he won first place award for acting.  Vic Chou's acting went from subpar to really good revealing he had some hidden talent which was evidenced in Black and White in his role as the anti-hero Officer Chen Zai Tien.  He should probably work together with Qin Han, Brigitte Lin or Liu Xue Hua in a parent/child role.  Vic Chou could actually try to have some chemistry with either Esther Liu or Liu Yi Fei at the same time.


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