The Possible Way Toshiki Inoue Would Write Gatchaman

Looking at how disappointing the reviews of the Gatchaman movie are and at Toshiki Inoue's bad habit of recycling or basically, he undid what he did in the Tokusatsu franchise. Now here's how I think the movie will be:

The movie will most likely start with Dr. Nambu and Sylvie Pandora who are staring the Gatchaman project to have the peace of the world.  Meanwhile the threat of the Egobossler Government in Europe begins when Count Egobossler starts orienting his troops and we see Mechandol and General Kempler, he makes his speech and then starts a broadcast.  It might be like Radiguet's "We are your gods..." speech in Jetman and he might first to demonstrate his power blows up some important research facilities causing panic.  Ken Washio is the first Gatchaman volunteer.  As Egobossler blows up the space research facility, the energy hits four other individuals namely Joe, Ryu, Jun and Jinpei. Dr. Nambu may fall into the vastness of space only to be kidnapped by Count Egobossler to achieve a selfish purpose.  They go and find the other Gatchamen and all cooperate, except Joe Asakura.

Joe Asakura believes that if the world is destined to end, it ends which results to an argument between him and Ken, classic Ryu vs. Gai in Jetman.  While in all that, the others must stop Kempler and Mechandol from transporting important stuff that Egobossler seeks to use.  Also at the same time, Ken and Joe will have a motorcycle race that is halted when Ken fights to save some people.  Egobossler appears to confront them personally and here, Joe changes his mind about leaving the Gatchaman team.  At this point, Ken in his G-suit would use his Gatcha Fencer and face off against Egobossler.  Egobossler mentions how much humanity deserves punishment and he will bring the world to a new order.  Ken thinks Egobossler is crazy while the latter thinks he is the solution to the world's problems.

A U.N. summit will be held in Japan for this year and unfortunately Egobossler has soon begun his missile project where he seeks to blow off certain nations until they surrender the new atomic energy to him so he can even control the world's energy making nations more amendable to accepting his rule.  To further make matters worse, he has held a lot of prisoners.  So the cliche of infiltration happens where the Gatchamen seek to make it into Egobossler's fortress in Europe.  This also would result to where Egobossler soon gets irritated at the Gatchamen wishing to wipe them out seeing himself as humanity's "judge".  Gel Sadora then appears to rescue Egobossler who may become her father in Inoue's script.

After some infiltration, they find out Dr. Nambu is being severely beaten up.  What also happens next is that Sylvie Pandora has a dreadful secret that revealed she was once romantically linked to Egobossler and that Gel Sadora is her daughter.  This does create conflict when Gel Sadora discovers her father has been lying to her and Radiguet in cold blood, even dares to kill his daughter.  At this point, Dr. Nambu takes the shot and dies which prompts the final battle.  I would also think at this point, Inoue would have Mechandol and Kempler die in a brutal way or is it?  Perhaps after the final battle, Egobossler will probably be found still alive, injured but under ICU while being cared by any loyalist of his.  Meanwhile Gel Sadora reunites with her mother and the Gatchamen do a funeral for Dr. Nambu.


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